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My running has now gone from 10-12 miles per week to ZERO!  Why zero?

It has to do with my new footwear:

In Da Boot
Fuzzy photo of me in my boot, taken by my husband as he sits at the dining table inside the house working.

If you recall on my Week in Re/Preview on June 20, I wrote about how I had some pain on my foot and I rubbed a pain relief cream into it that actually caused more problems?  Well, just to recap, on June 13 I managed to ram the ball of my bare foot into a bit of edging in my backyard.
Evil Edge

It’s one of those extremely ungraceful moments that I have oh-so-frequently… And it’s hard to explain to people. “See, I was in my yard and I had no shoes on and well, I just turned and managed to totally smash the ball of my foot into this little bit of edging that separates rocks from rocks from grass from cement really hard…”

Mostly I just say, “I stepped on a rock.”
It’s easier.

Anyway, that injury hurt. I kept taping it to go run and I would ice it several times a day.  I thought the pain was lessening, but then on Wednesday morning as I was trotting around the neighborhood with Jade The Boxer, the pain just shot through my whole foot and leg.  It was hard to put weight on it.  So the pup and I got one mile in that day total.  I iced it several times and by that afternoon I knew I had to call a doctor.

I called and got into a podiatrist the very next day.  The doc x-rayed my foot and saw a small bump in the bone. But apparently stress fractures, especially new ones, are hard to see on x-rays.   He could tell my foot was swollen and when he pushed on the top of my foot the pain caused me to cry out.

So he did an ultrasound on the foot. This showed “dark spots” above 2 metatarsals, which is consistent with bleeding.  Since bones bleed when they break.  I guess that makes sense, but it didn’t occur to me.  So he said he would fit me into a boot and send me for a bone scan to check the bones out definitively.

So that’s where I’m at right now, I’m in a boot that is extremely awkward to walk in and it’s ginormous.  No running right at all now.
The Dog & The Boot #jadetheboxer

I’m getting the bone scan next Wednesday. Apparently the timing of this with the 4th of July makes it harder to get in for the scan.

The two big questions in my mind right now are:

1. How do I work out?
Everything I like to do (run, walk, hike, yoga) is kind of hard with this.  And I know the standard answers are bike and swim.  I don’t have a gym membership, I don’t have a bike and I’m not a fan of swimming.  I could always get a belt and go to the YMCA to try pool running, but I looked up their hours online and they’re kind of weird.  And does pool running fall in line with “lap swim?”  I may have to go scope things out in person.

2. Can I tape the crap out of my foot and still do the Napa to Sonoma Half with my Team on July 17?
This is a very serious thought in my mind.  I’m positive I can’t run it, but I’m really tempted to KT tape it up a whole bunch and still walk the course.  I have so many people on my team that put in the time and effort and I want to see them succeed.  I want to do the early start with those that need it and I want to see them cross the finish line as they accomplish their goals.  (And maybe, just a little, I want the medal!)

But for now, I’m just going to try to be mindful of the moment and get through my bone scan/appointment next week before I make up my mind about anything.

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