Kigo Minimal Shoes: Casual or Runners?

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This is the kigo flit shoe.

Kigo shoes are all minimal, zero drop, flexible and lightweight. They are designed to complement everyday attire, but also be strong enough for sports. The uppers are made from recycled materials and the packaging is designed to reduce waste.

The Flit model is super comfy and it is going to be my go-to shoe for the winter, I can already tell. (I usually keep a pair of slip-on shoes somewhere near the door and end up wearing those shoes every time I go anywhere. Most summers it is flip-flops. This summer, post cast, it has been my yoga sandals. When temps drop, it will be the kigos even more than it was when they first arrived.)

I don’t think I will run in these but it is an available option. While I find the shoes comfy, they surprisingly leave criss-cross lines embedded on the top of my foot, like they are pressing in too much. They’re definitely not too small and they feel fine… maybe the strap is just something that needs to loosen up a little over time?


The “fine print” on the packaging:

Keep it Clean: Kigos are H20 and stain resistant. If they need more than a wipe-off, a gentle washer (water-only) & air drying is best.

Keep it Going: Your kigos are built with non-toxic, post-consumer and recycle materials. Please re-use and recycle the box & all its contents.

Keep it Simple: If you plan to run in your kigos, take it slow. Consult resources like ChiRunning & POSE Method for tips & coaches.

I like the philosophy of the kigo company and would consider getting other pairs of these.  I don’t want to wear shoes with built-up heels… unless I’m purposely slipping on heels.  (I’m not going to give that option up completely!)

Legalese: The kigos were provided to me free of charge, I was not required to say anything in particular about the shoes. This post contains my own thoughts.


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