Team Challenge – 2011 Napa to Sonoma #15

Group Practice #15
8 miles on the schedule
Start time: 6:00 AM for walkers, 6:30 AM for runners

It was hot, hot, hot!

Being the 4th of July weekend, we didn’t have a huge turnout, but those that did show up did a stellar job pushing through in the heat.  It was nearly 100 when we finished around 8:30.

The team is ready to be tapering though, we had heavy legs and general fatigue.  Several runners cut the course a little short, either cutting off the last .2 or .3 or cutting off the last .8 mile.  I don’t blame them though, it was really hot out.

I got to just hang out at our start/finish point and wait for everyone, due to my new boot.  That boot is HOT. A big black padded thing is not very comfortable in the heat. More incentive to sit in my air-conditioned home and heal, I guess!

I also forgot to take my camera with me, which kind of ticked me off. So instead I just used my iPhone. I had to snap photos from a ways away otherwise people stopped running and started to turn off their watches as they came toward me, as I was also the finish line.  iPhone photos from a distance are not that interesting. Oh well… maybe the next iPhone version will have a good zoom… if they ever release the next version!

Several walkers banded together and decided they wanted to start at 5:30 next week, so I may be joining them even earlier next weekend. All in an attempt to beat the heat, or at least get out in the lowest temps that we possibly can.

Photo Photo

Las Vegas Team Challenge is sooooooo ready to rock Napa!

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