Race Report: Love on the Run 5k

This morning I got to run Fleet Feet Sports Love on the Run 5K, put on by Elemental Running and Training. I was originally registered for the 10K, but dropped to the 5K for a few reasons:

  1. I am a little bit sick with the baby’s cold
  2. I knew that with an 8 AM start, there was no way I could be home by 9:15 and showered by 9:30 so my hubby could go to work, and that was already making accommodations for me since he would usually be at work earlier on Saturdays. (He’s a CPA, January – April is busy season!)
  3. I got very little sleep last night. Alex was awake a lot for some reason.

The temperatures dropped here in Vegas, just in time for the weekend and the race. I woke at 4 AM to the sounds of the baby crying and the winds howling outside. I didn’t want to be awake at 5, my alarm was set for 5:45… but 4 is what I got!

After it became obvious the hubby wasn’t going to wake up, Alexis and I woke him up so I could get on my way!

What I wore:

Love on the Run 5K
The race starts out uphill and then ends going down. It’s a route I’ve run so many times in all of the weekly Fleet Feet runs that I used to be able to attend every Tuesday night. (I miss that camaraderie!) So I was mentally prepared for the route.

The run felt really good. We kind of ran into the wind on the way out and then got to run with the wind on our way downhill back to the finish. I had a couple of moments where my breath kind of caught as my lungs tried to cough and expel some of this virus. But overall, I felt pretty strong… especially considering the sickness and lack of sleep! Maybe it was endorphins, that I was just so happy I got to do something for myself for a moment!

Post Love on the Run 5K
After finishing the race
Love on the Run 5K finishers tile
Love on the Run finishers tile


There were a lot of Team Challenge participants from the past there, so it was great to get to see and reconnect with so many of them. Plus I had a few good friends there and we took some pictures together.

Charlene and me at Love on the Run
My buddy Charlene (From FAB Running) and me at the race
Me Charlene and Sara
Me, Charlene and Sara after the race. Sara is a former TC participant and all-around great gal!


Post race they had donuts from Pink Box Doughnuts. These donuts (doughnuts?) are not just ordinary box of glazed, they are pretty elaborate. I’m not even entirely sure what all of these were, but I do know there was a S’mores type with marshmallows (that are even toasted), a maple bar with bacon on it, a kind of cranberries and white chocolate chips and others.

Pink Box Doughnuts


And yes… I ate a donut. I grabbed the one with cereal on the top. Sadly, right after snapping a picture a gust of wind blew my cereal and dried strawberry off the top! But it was still AMAZING! I’ve been eating gluten-free all week and haven’t felt any difference in my digestive troubles. So I figured I’d just eat the damn donut and see if it made any differences (negative or positive). So far… no change, I feel about the same as I always do. I’m going to assume that gluten isn’t a problem for me.

Single donut from Pink Box Doughnuts


The shirts were cute, if not a little faint and slightly see through. But they are gender-specific cuts! That’s always nice. (I just went through a bunch of my race shirts, took pictures of them and threw them away. I had too many that were boxy, oversized, ill-fitting and just plain ugly.)

Love on the Run tech shirt


I did not wear my Garmin. I’ve decided that I’m not going to wear any GPS device for races until Alex is a year old. I just want to let myself go out and enjoy them, no pressure on myself for times. But once I know my time, I’ll update this post. (I hear rumor I won my age group… it was a very small field of participants!)

Once again, just like with the New Year races (Resolution Run and Commitment Day) I am SUPER happy I did this and just getting out for a race has reinvigorated a little bit of the spark inside that makes me feel like ME.


  1. Congrats on finishing the race, and possibly winning your category! I’m wondering if you’ve ever thought about making a t shirt quilt out of your race shirts. Kim made one for Brian with all of his BYU shirts, it was pretty neat.

    I actually was thinking about all of the shirts you must own as I was reading your post. Funny how you mentioned that at the end.

  2. […] liked the belt for shorter runs, it was easy to slide my phone in. I wore it during a 5K and it held my phone and my car key just fine, perfectly secure. I did wear it on a long run, but I […]

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