Week in Re/Preview

Last week became a step back week. Combined with Alex’s cold, me catching that cold and the fact that I’d just been building pretty steadily for several weeks, it was needed.

And I enjoyed it! No guilt about not running as much.  I ran just three times last week, one of which was a 5K race. I pedaled on the FitDesk a few times. It was all good.

dailymile training - 2/4/13 to 2/10/13

Especially considering how little sleep I got during the week!

I’m hoping that this week Alex will sleep a little more, thus I will get to sleep a little more. I also plan on taking another step back week. The cold seems to have worked into my lungs some and if I don’t feel better by days end, I’m calling the doctor. In the past I would have told myself that I wasn’t sick enough to need a doctor, putting it off and putting it off for weeks. That’s a yearly progression for me: get a cold, it moves to the lungs, turns into bronchitis, suffer for weeks, get antibiotics and be better in 4 days. But now, I know that I can’t take care of Alex if I’m not taking care of myself.


  1. […] feel like I’m falling apart! Most of the week was pretty scaled back due to illness. I mentioned last week that if I still felt bad I would go to the doctor at the beginning of the week because I need to […]

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