I recently got to try a FlipBelt. It’s a belt to carry items while running or working out that’s very different from any I’ve tried before. It’s a loop, so you either have to put it on over your head or pull it up like a pair of pants. (I did the over-the-head move.)


In addition to the belt being just a simple loop, it’s also a tube. Confused? It’s sewn together so it is a tube all the way around to store your goods with a few different access points where you can slide your items into the belt. If you want to “lock” them into place, then you just need to flip the belt over so the openings are against your body.

Here’s an example of my iPhone slid a little bit into one of the openings.


I liked the belt for shorter runs, it was easy to slide my phone in. I wore it during a 5K and it held my phone and my car key just fine, perfectly secure. I did wear it on a long run, but I didn’t like jamming any more than a couple items in the belt. When I did that I found that it didn’t rest on my hips, but popped up around my true waist where it then bounced with the extra weight. Perhaps my sizing was off and I should have gone with a different size.

The FlipBelt comes in a bunch of fun colors, made from tech material with reflective details and is available in 5 sizes from XS to XL. It is sold for just $24.99, so it’s not very expensive. Overall, I really like this for slipping out for a quick run, but I don’t see it becoming my long run solution!

Flipbelt with iPhone

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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