I mentioned in my race report from Saturday that I wore my Agloves. Specifically I wore the Agloves Grip Touch pair. Want to know what’s cool about these? You can use touchscreen devices with them! (Plus, the grip version has little grippy dots on the inside of the glove so you can have a better grip on your device, very handy if you are trying to use it on the move.)

Agloves Grip Touch

They feel like a knit glove, maybe a tiny bit scratchier due to the silver technology in the fibers that allow you to use the touchscreen, but hardly noticeable. Plus, the silver is a natural thermoregulator, so it helps to reflect your internal body temperature back in to keep you warm.

They come in three sizes: S/M, M/L and XL. I have the S/M and feel that I could probably use a flat-out S or an XS/S size if they made it, but I do have small hands. They’re not so big that they become unusable, but there is a little extra material and snugger would make typing a little more accurate.

The sport model sells for $25.99 and the grip version is $29.99. So they’re not the dollar knit gloves at Target, but they’re also much higher quality. They allow you to use your smartphone even with the gloves on! That was a huge selling point to me. Plus, if you check out the Agloves site, they are having a winter glove sale (as of this posting date) where you can get 30% off your gloves!


I’m almost sad that glove season is winding down here in Las Vegas… almost!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. How water resistant are they? Running in Canada over the winter months we deal with alot of snow and ice so I was curious how water resistant are they?

    • They’re kind of like knit gloves, so they wouldn’t be super water-resistant. However, if you’re in Canada, maybe you could wear big mittens/gloves on top of them and only have to strip down one layer to use the phone! I live in the dry desert, so I haven’t had to deal with lots of snow/ice on the run. That sounds like a time to just stay inside. 😉

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