iPhone 5 & Running

The moment I could pre-order it, the wheels were set in motion to get an iPhone 5. I was still using the iPhone 3gs; it was aging, the camera kind of sucked and I felt like I was harming my geek-cred by being so outdated!


I love my new phone, but there have been a couple of drawbacks. When it is in my Speck case, I can’t use my beloved Far End Gear earbud because of the way they built their connector. It just doesn’t fit with the case.

Then there is the issue of carrying it while I run. The armband I fell back on repeatedly for years is a Nike Arm Wallet. It didn’t have a see-through screen to control my phone, but my phone slid in and out of it easily so I could grab it to take a picture while on the run. A geeky thing that was useful for a blogger! But the phone and case just didn’t fit into the wallet and there’s the issue of the headphone jack now being on the bottom of the phone. I could have put it in upside down though, the fit was the real issue.

Nike Arm Wallet

I had an Armpocket, which is a good product but it’s kind of large and bulky. It always felt like it was too much to wear for daily runs. That holder did have the screen available though, but it was a pain to take the phone in and out while moving and the headphone input is on the wrong end for the updated phone.


The Clean Bottle Runner is handy to hold phone and water. Same problems with headphone jack and taking pictures though. Plus when I run with the stroller, I’m not using a handheld water bottle too, that’s just too much stuff in my hands!

Clean Bottle Runner

I’ve been using my iFitness Fitletic double pouch belt. However, it is a VERY tight fit to get the phone in there. I usually end up scratching my fingers on the zipper while trying to shove it in there. Then I just leave it unzipped a little to let the headphone cord come out. There’s no way I’m pulling my phone out of here to answer it or take pictures during the run.

iFitness Double Pouch belt

So I’m looking for a solution to carry my iPhone 5 on the run. First criteria is fit, I don’t want it to be such a tight squeeze that it’s a battle to get the phone in and out, especially when I leave my case on. Second criteria is having access to the headphone jack in the right spot. Third, not as a crucial but would be nice, easy to pull the phone out to use the camera.

Got any suggestions?



  1. I have a similar problem.  I usually just carry mine in my hand, though I don’t have a baby to worry about.  Sometimes I haul my arm band.  
    Lately I’ve found that the Road ID super duper reflective belts works great with amphibipods- so I put my bottles on the belt.  They also have a stuff-holder attachment, which I think I’ll look into to try out.  Bonus- the road ID belt helps keep me SUPER visible and safe.  (It’s not just reflective.  It makes astronauts say “What IS that shining light in the NW US tonight?”)

  2. I use an Otterbox Defender and just clip the phone on the waistband of my shorts.  I also use Arriva Leo bluetooth headphones so I don’t have to worry about the wires.  The Otter box snaps in and out of the holster pretty easily.  The surprising bonus is that the Nike+ app is pretty darn close when I run on the treadmill even without a Nike+ footpod.  I like the Otterbox because if I happen to drop the phone on the run, there is some chance it will survive.
    As a bigger guy, the movement of the Otterbox isn’t enough to bother me.  I could see where is would be annoying for someone smaller and/or faster than me.

    • stevemill1 I do have some bluetooth headphones, but I really like using the single earbud, I feel it’s safer! But I think the movement of an Otterbox clipped to my shorts would bother me! I had an Otterbox on my old iPhone for a while but found the case to be annoyingly bulky to me!

  3. I had the same issue when I first got my 5. I used my SPIbelt and that works ok. But the best I’ve found is the ifitness armband. I just turn my phone upside down for the headphones but I find it very easy to take in and out during my runs. And I was surprised by how lightweight it is!

    • @Jillian H Oooh… I forgot ifitnessrunning came out with an armband. I love their company, they’re great to work with and my iFitness belt really is the best running belt I’ve tried. Do you use their armband with an iPhone 5 in a case?

  4. I use my spibelt – it slips in easily and I can fit other things in there with the phone ( like my car key) if needed.  I don’t like anything on my arm so this works well for me.

  5. The answer is clear–you’ve got to go to the Apple store to buy new accessories. Alternatively, could you stick it in the stroller when you’re out? It wouldn’t be quite so handy, but it’d be there.

  6. The stroller is an option. But you’re right about the whole scheme to make us go buy new stuff at the Apple store all the time.

  7. I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is bigger in size than the iPhone 5.  I’ve had great luck with Tune Belt arm bands.  Fit the phones, the headphone jack, have a great view of the screen and full control.  Has held up well in the year I have had it.

  8. Hi Jill ,
    Happy Holidays!We came across your review and want to let you know that the Team at iFitness is always working hard to make sure that our innovations keep up with the trends in the smartphone Market!
    We have a new Armband case that we will release in mid-January that is made specifically for the iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy. There pocket is larger and there are 2 ports for earbuds both top and bottom of the pouch so it will be your choice where to wear it. We have also made adjustments for the majority to our products so that they will fit the larger phones that will be released throughout the year. In addition to the larger size of the pockets, we have made adjustments to the zipper location for more ease in removing your phone.Our Single and Double Pouches currently have a smaller space than the rest of our line. Our Hydration and Ultimate Race Belts currently have a much larger space (even before we release the larger pockets). If you don’t want to wait until next month for the new release of our Armband, we would suggest – The Ultimate II Race Belt. Your iPhone 5 will fit with the case PLUS there is an extra smaller pocket for more storage  and 5 loops for GU or gels if you use them.
    Please let us know if this helps! As always you can find our complete line of products at http://www.ifitnessinc.comWishing You a Health, Love and Joy for 2013!
    The iFitness Team

  9. Just bought a Sport Armband for Otterbox iPhone 5 Defender Series Case from Amazon for $20. Looks good.

    • I bought a FlipBelt after I reading through this article. I read a ton of reviews and the FlipBelt seemed to be the one with the most 5 stars. I can’t say yet it’s a great product because I used it today for the first time but… if it doesn’t break too soon I’ll have to give 5 starts as well. You can’t really feel the iPhone is there at all. I use to have an armband and I can’t express how relieved I feel now that I don’t have to squeeze my arm and be worried about the phone swinging out of it.

      There’s absolutely NO bounce, this thing is not going to go anywhere… for real. I am impressed how well it held onto my hips. I did a small readjustment at mid run that was really not necessary at all, I was just skeptic, kind of checking where it was. I do have to say that the most important part of my training is to run smooth. Maybe if you jump around like crazy it will move… maybe a little bit. I recommend!!

  10. I use Iphone 5 for my sports: paragliding and padling. First of all: there are many usfull apps for this. But the one and only problem is IPHONE % ITSELF.
    Comparing with my previous Nokia, IP5 is absolutely not sports friendly in terms of ergonomy, damages resistance. For example: there is no way to connect the item to my body witk thin lines. Using it in the deep forest it took many times to start apps, camera, movie camera etc. It is not water resistance. Last week, I put randomly, few drops of water from my gloves. IP5 does not work for 5 days. Belive me – few drops !!!!
    Next terrible thing – maps. No comments. They are constructed for small boys playing inear house.
    The only way to keep IP5 working is to keep it in the deepest pocket.
    My old Nokia was real helpfull and hard-working friend.

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