Clean Bottle Runner Review

When I first got the Clean Bottle Runner, I was slightly concerned… simply because of the fact that I’ve been using the Amphipod handheld bottles for running for a long time. Those bottles have a slimmer profile and this one is more round.  But truthfully… that shape change didn’t bother me at all.
Clean Bottle Runner

Here are some of the features of the Clean Bottle Runner, according to the insert that came with the bottle:

  • Clear front pouch that accommodates smartphones and iPods
  • Straps on handle for quick access to energy gels
  • Back pocket stores keys, cash and credit cards
  • Closing system prevents the bottle from slipping out

The pouch holds my iPhone 3gs snugly. And it’s nice that it has the clear vinyl cover so I can actually see the screen to change settings as needed. There is a small pocket on the inside of that, protected by the zipper enclosure, where you can keep cash/credit card/ID/etc. There is also the same type of pocket just on the other side, outside of the zipper enclosure where you could stash some other relatively flat and small items. (My big laser-cut car key/remote would NEVER fit in this pocket.)

It’s easy to plug your headphones into your phone/iPod from the hold on the top and it was actually pretty convenient to have my bottle/phone in my right hand with the headphones going up to my right ear.  I had less cord tangling that I do when I wear my phone on my arm, mainly because when the phone is worn that high there is a lot more excess cord to deal with.

Clean Bottle Runner with GUI’m not running long enough distances to need to carry gels, but the bottle is designed to accommodate gel packs for easy access.

The nature of the Clean Bottle is that the top AND bottom unscrew so the bottle can be cleaned easier and more effectively.  There is no leaking from this approach and the bottom unscrewing actually makes the runner grip attach to the bottle more securely.  You loop the bottom of the handheld component around and then screw the bottom base on. Voila… it’s attached.  My other bottle holders have started to fall off the bottom from stretching over time.

The top is easy to drink from on the move, just bite it to pull it open and then push the valve back down, either with your mouth or with your opposite hand when done.

HDX Hydration PacketAnd just thrown in to be kind, there was a packet of HDX hydration powder.  I’d never heard of this or tried it before.  The flavor I got was grape and it was a little sweeter than I anticipated, but not bad.  It has just 25 calories in the packet, so it’s not a full-blown Gatorade alternative but it has the electrolytes you would need.  Somewhere between a nuun and a more common sports drink.

HDX encourages runners to use the packets to mix up in their own bottles and be eco-friendly while staying hydrated in a healthy way without tons of extra caffeine or sugar.  They support water and coastline charities.  From what I saw, it looks like there is only the one flavor and it’s sold online or in some stores in California.

I don’t think the HDX is a standard part of the packages… probably just one company scratching another companies back to help them get a little extra promotion as well.

The Clean Bottle Runner is sold for around $29 online.  It’s solid, well-made and I liked it.

Legalese: The Clean Bottle Runner was sent to me free for review purposes. The thoughts here are my own.


  1. Wow, running gear has come along since I was last running on a regular basis. I would have LOVED something like this. I used to stash a bottle of water at the end of my driveway, then loop back around a couple of times during a run to drink from it. Or I’d plan my run around a drinking fountain at a nearby park. 🙂

    • I saw it on Shark Tank too! It seemed smart on there to me, and the addition of the runner handle is even cooler!

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