Review: One Good Earbud

One Good EarbudAfter I mentioned One Good Earbud in an earlier post, the folks there contacted me and asked if I would like to try the new prototype they are developing. This version is similar to the buds that come with iPods/iPhones. The one they sent me has an inline microphone as well, so I can use it with my iPhone (which is actually how I carry music with me when I run anyway).

Previously I would run with one earbud in and then I would tuck the other earbud inside my sports bra strap so it wasn’t bouncing around. But that’s annoying… I tried using a cord-keeper thing to wrap the excess cord and spare earbud around, but that ended up being an uncomfortable lump stuck inside my shirt.

So I think it’s probably pretty obvious that I LOVED the idea of having an option for running that is only one earbud right out of the gate. And when I put it into practice? Still love it! I use the earbud in combination with my YurBuds adapter and it creates a snug but comfortable fit that doesn’t fall out. Plus combining the two makes it seem like the YurBud is protecting the One Good Earbud from sweat so it hopefully has a long life.

Since mine is a prototype, there are features that the production model will have that are different from mine.  But I found the microphone worked great for taking calls and the button control to answer calls or advance tracks worked perfectly.

I honestly hope that the company sees continued success, because I don’t ever want to go back to running with a two earbud set of headphones AND I honestly think that everybody should consider getting a pair because it is SOOOOO much safer to keep one ear open to your surroundings. My sister-in-law recently left me a voicemail saying she took the advice about only using one bud after seeing it here on my blog and said that it really works, she felt better knowing she was improving her safety that way.

I did receive this product from One Good Earbud for free, but the opinions here are my own.


  1. Nice review..I will definitely take a second look at them. I usually use an mp3 player with a speaker, so I don’t need earbuds. For my half marathons, I use a iPod shuffle, so it has the pause/ff/r controls on the cord to my earbuds. I wish someone would duplicate that!

  2. Question….I cannot seem to access their site through your link do you know of any other way to see their products? Thanks much in advance.

  3. […] there have been a couple of drawbacks. When it is in my Speck case, I can’t use my beloved Far End Gear earbud because of the way they built their connector. It just doesn’t fit with the […]

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