Fitletic (formerly known as iFitness) Belt Review

Several years back I picked up an iFitness Fitletic belt at a race expo.  I had tried some other slim waist packs and was never satisfied, they just didn’t seem to fit right. So I decided I would give yet another belt a try.

I chose to buy the double pouch belt, thinking I would be able to stash my phone in it during a race, as well as fuel, lip balm, whatever. There is a handy little inner pocket as well so I can stash my ID, a credit card or some cash and have it be a little more secure.

iFitness Double Pouch belt

The thing that impressed me the most about the belt is how adjustable it is. You can really tighten or loosen the belt to get a very customized fit. I know that some people like to wear belts on their natural waist and some liked to wear them down on the hips… this belt accommodates both options. I usually have trouble wearing belts on my hips, it seems my curves always push the belt back up to my waist. But this belt does allow the option of really cinching it in so it remains on my hips.

My mom has the single pouch belt, which I borrow to take on my runs when I visit her. It comes in handy that she has one, just one less item to pack!

I’ve taken to recommending this belt to a lot of people. A lot of my past Team Challenge participants have picked up this belt and find it handy.

After I bought my belt, they released a version with hydration built-in, as well as bottles you can add on to existing belts. That’s the option I went with. So I put it on my list and my husband got me 2 of the hydration add-on bottles for Christmas. They come in 4, 6 and 8 oz. sizes, so you could use one as a gel flask or mix/match water & sports drink if you wanted various sizes.  They slide on easily so it’s easy to set up your belt however you need for the distance/conditions you are running in on any given day.

Another great thing about the company is how friendly they are. They will work with you at their booths to help you figure out the best fit for you. You can talk to them via social media (Fitletic on TwitterFitletic on Facebook) and they’ll answer questions or address concerns. They are truly focused on customer service.

Because I’ve been an advocate for them, they are offering to give away a belt to one of my readers! YAY!

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