TuneBelt Armbands

Did you know that a post I wrote a while ago looking for ways to hold my iPhone 5 while running is one of the most hit posts on the site? Apparently others have this problem too! I was sent a couple of armbands from TuneBelt to try holding my iPhone 5 and I must say, I was impressed!

TuneBelt armbands

The first thing I need to point out about the TuneBelt website is the AWESOME way you can search for an armband… by DEVICE! This way you can be pretty sure that your phone will fit into the band. Not only do you get to search by device, but then you can throw in your preferred case option. Using the iPhone 5 as an example, you can choose a case for if you use a thin case, a large case, an OtterBox Defender, etc.

TuneBelt website, Apple iPhone 5/5s case options

When sent the bands, I was asked what kind of case I use. Because I use a fairly thin case by Incase they sent me the AB83 model to test, but they also sent me their new AB87RY band with reflective materials added. They cautioned me that it might be a little bit of a tight fit, but should work with my thin case.

Both bands held my phone, with the case, just fine. I did find it easier to put the phone in the band and then put it on my arm rather than putting the band on my arm and trying to slide the phone in after, just because they are snug. But that snugness made it easy to use the see-through window on my phone’s touchscreen.

The thing that impressed me the most with these bands is how lightweight and comfortable they are. The material is very soft and they hardly add any bulk. I have some armbands that really add a lot of girth to my arm once on, but these are hardly noticeable once on!

In addition to the armbands, they also make sport belts for phones, with the same kind of device-specific searching so you can find a fit for your phone. They sell extenders for both the armbands and sport belts if you need those, as well as a Nike+ iPod sensor case. And if you’re going really old school, you can get one of their “classics” in the form of a cassette or CD player holder!

I’m impressed with the TuneBelt lineup and my one quibble with them is that it’s not easy to slide my phone in/out while running so I can take pictures. Yeah… I’m dorky like that! But if I got a version for a slightly bigger case, that would probably be remedied!  Definitely check them out if you need a way to carry your phone while you run (something I’m hearing runners do more and more of lately due to safety concerns and/or need for mid-run entertainment!)

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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  1. I have a Tune Belt armband as well and I love it!! I bought it specifically because I use an Otterbox Defender on my iPhone 5 and it’s a pain to take on and off every time I want to use it on a run or at the gym (almost daily). I specifically searched for a band that I could leave the phone in the Otterbox and found this. It was love at first sight and I still use it to this day, over a year since I bought it!

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