Murder on the Outer Banks [Book Review]

Murder on the Outer Banks by Joe C. Ellis
Murder on the Outer Banks: The Methuselah Murders
by Joe C. Ellis

This novel starts off with a 5K race, right off the bat you meet the Sheriff and his new deputy as they help coordinate traffic/ensure public safety at a local event. They are amazed, as is everyone else, when the winner of the race is a 65-year-old doctor who clocks in the unbelievable time of 17:35. The sheriff is confused, as that’s two minutes faster than the doctor raced 2 years earlier when he was in the same race with the sheriff. The sheriff assumes the doctor is taking some kind of performance-enhancer.

Turns out… he was right. The doc had been working on developing a “fountain of youth” serum. And a serum like that means high-demand, high-prices and high-stakes… where the bodies start to pile up as people clamor to get their hands on this life-changing formula.

The book was really well done, you get to know the characters (although, if I’d read earlier books in the series, Murder at Hatteras and Murder at Whalehead, there is even more back story on the main characters) in a way where you feel confident in cheering them on and hoping that everything turns out alright.

I can understand the dilemma in some of the characters, about whether or not they would want to use the serum.  The possibility of it turning back the clock and eradicating serious disease is interesting. But then again, I’m not sure I want to be “forever young” (despite the 80’s tune by Alphaville). In this case, you would retain all the knowledge you’ve gained over the years… but the concept seems unsettling to me.  I guess especially since I’m just in my mid-30’s… I don’t want to go back too far!

I have always loved a good mystery, but in the recent years have started to read more running books.  I have thoroughly enjoyed finding books that combine running and mystery!  This book was a great find and I’m glad I got to read it… but now I need to go back and read the previous books in this series!

Question for you: Would you want a serum that gave you eternal youth, or even turned back the clock several years?


  1. i don’t think i would. as much as i think “i wish i was 10 (or whatever age)” again, i think it’s still a “grass is greener” thing. just like in… oh what’s that book. tuck everlasting. granted i read that in like 5th grade but i feel like the book made it seem like being forever young wasn’t that great because everyone you meet/befriend grows old and dies and if you don’t tell them that your forever young you can’t hang out with them for forever – have to move every so often before people question why you still look the same age, etc. and what if you fell in love with someone who didn’t have the same ability? you’d have to lose them over and over again (assuming you continued to fall in love with someone after awhile). i wonder if i re-read that book if it’d be as good as i remember it being. i loved it back then, reading ahead of what the teacher assigned, haha.

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