Rockay Running Socks

I was sent a pair of Rockay Running socks to review on my site. I did receive them for free, but opinions here are always my own. 

Rockay Running socks in package

The Accelerate running sock from Rockay is available in 6 colors (as of this posting). They are made of a combination of polyamide, merino wool, and elastane. Merino wool is a very resilient, moisture-wicking fabric that is breathable while offering a balance between cooling and warming properties.

Back of Rockay Running socks package

They have a truly exceptional guarantee on the socks, they have a 40-day return window if they are unworn and a lifetime warranty. I kind of can’t really wrap my brain around that! It just goes to show they really stand by their product. Which is evident in the language on the inside of the sock packaging. They were made by runners, for runners and they just wanted a product that would perform well, without making false promises about how the product would affect the wearer’s performance!

Rockay Running socks package - about the company

My Experience

I took the socks out for a run. They do have a distinct right and left sock, which is noted on the underside of each sock with a little R or L… not to be confused with the R on the ankle with is for Rockay. The compression band around the arch really does have a noticeable compression. At the risk of sounding corny, it’s like a little bit of a hug around your foot but not constricting. I did think it might be weird while running, but I didn’t notice it at all after I put my shoes on and started running. It was just a noticeable difference from all my other socks.

bottom of the Rockay Running sock when on my foot

The top of each sock seems to have a nice light ventilation to help prevent overheating, but there is padding in the heel and toes, this is part of the blister-prevention they’ve worked into the sock. I liked that the sock wasn’t overly thick or overly thin. I’m picky that way, if a sock is too thick I won’t wear them because they alter the way my shoes feel and if they feel too thin they usually wear out too fast.

I did get a certificate for another free pair of Rockay Running socks in my latest StrideBox, so I have another pair on their way to me. I’m looking forward to trying them out more, but I think they’ll probably find a place in my regular rotation.

The socks retail for $15.95 a pair, so they’re a little bit on the pricier side, even for running socks. But for those who really need (or want) that extra arch support, it’s probably worth it. In fact, I feel like they should make men’s dress socks with that same support because my husband would probably like that. He always feels like he needs more arch support in dress shoes.

BTW – You can also pick up a pair of these socks on Amazon… same price.

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