Vast Terrain Aeris Tank

I was sent an Aeris Tank from Vast Terrain recently. (Disclaimer: It was free to review!)

The Aeris Tank from Vast Terrain may seem like just another performance tank at face value. But it has a lot of details in it that I really appreciated. The seaming and construction are well done and there are no loose, scratchy tags. It doesn’t rub at all when wearing on a run and I love the burgundy color I got, it is so rich and it looks great with a ton of different colors. The tank also comes in purple, teal, and blush.

The shirt is made with their proprietary Argentum® fabric, which has odor control and anti-microbial protection. It’s got silver particles in the yarn fibers that are supposed to keep the stink from settling in. Or if you want the official language…

Microscopic particles of silver are embedded within the core of the yarn’s fibers rather than coating them on or weaving them in. When sweat comes in contact with the bacteria on our skin it produces unpleasant smells. The silver salts embedded in Argentum® kill up to 99.99% of those odor causing bacteria. Unlike other brands which use a silver treatment our embedded silver salts will never wear off or wash out – and no special laundering is needed!

I ran in the tank on a warm day and got fairly sweaty. Then I let the shirt sit in the laundry for a few days… I did a sniff test before throwing it into the wash and I didn’t smell any funk. And it washed up great, definitely smelled fresh after washing. (Do you have some of those shirts that just smell weird, no matter how many times you wash them? I have a few of those… ew.)

You can see the flat seams and the bonded edges here. That makes the shirt more comfortable and chafe-resistant.

They have some interesting information on their website as well in regards to cost transparency. Each product page has the details for that specific product so you can see what the costs are to construct it and where all of those things happen. You can read about their factory partners all across the USA to know where all phases of this product production is coming from.

Vast Terrain makes products for women and men. It’s all made in the USA and since it’s direct to the consumer, there isn’t any retail markup included in the price.

Check out Vast Terrain online. For 25% off your purchase, use the code:

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