November 2018 StrideBox

The November 2018 StrideBox arrived at my house a little bit before Thanksgiving and I just thought I would share the contents!

  1. Kramp Krusher Endurance Chews in Salty Limon
    Kramp Krusher chews are made to both fuel a runner while also providing electrolytes to help prevent (or stop) cramping.
  2. RunGoo (read my 2013 review)
    Blister prevention product specifically for the feet and the tough conditions they are put through.
  3. Refresh hydration powder
    low-calorie drink mix to add flavor to your water.
  4. V-Fuel gel in Raspberry Lemonade
    calories from maltodextrin and dextrose, supposed to be easily digestible.
  5. Carbo-Pro
    neutral flavored carbohydrate source.
  6. Clip-on Light
    this one turns on as a solid light or it can flash. Lights are always good if you run in the dark/dusk/dawn!

If I ever get up the gumption (aka… feel well enough again) to train for another marathon or an ultra, I may be interested in trying the Carbo-Pro as a fuel source.

I love getting a StrideBox each month. If you’re shopping for a runner this holiday season (or you’re shopping for yourself!) consider a gift subscription to StrideBox. Sometimes I don’t need the things sent, but I’m always learning about new products and companies from these and it’s something that is a fun surprise just for me!

I did use some Amazon affiliate links in this post, so FYI… that doesn’t cost you anything, just Amazon throws a few pennies my way periodically. So if you do any shopping on Amazon after following those links (not necessarily for those products, but any shopping), I thank you for helping to keep my site up and running!

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