Friday Fête

I am a member of Influenster and occasionally they send me little boxes of stuff to try out. This week I received one they called the “Violet” box… it was shipped in a purple box. Items I received were:


I’m excited about the nail polish, it looks like a great color. And the masque is intriguing, it says something about the clays being infused into bamboo fabric so it’s a very easy to apply mask. Mini spa half hour with those two!

I had no idea that Goody had released a line of hair bands for sports, so we’ll see if that works. If nothing else, it would be a new headband to hold my hair back when washing my face!

I’m scared of the Soy Joy bar. I tried one of those years ago and did not really care for it, but I’ll give it a try. And I’ve never used dry shampoo before. Have you? Fan or not?

I would love to be able to set my TomTom MySports software to automatically email a .gpx file of the workout to Smashrun, which is where I’ve been importing a lot of my run history. (I’ve got data scattered all over the place!) And when I tweeted that desire, TomTom acknowledged it! I love when companies respond!

Check out BibRave – a review site for races. Do we need this kind of site for our sport? Will it take off? I think it would be cool to have a go-to spot to look for reviews (kind of like a Yelp environment) but so far there doesn’t seem to be THE ONE that has taken off as the go-to for everyone.

PaceDJ added BPM Shifting to their iPhone app, allowing you to change the BPM of songs to match your running cadence.

Enter the Essentia Water Holiday Giveaway. You can get a coupon for a discount on Essentia just for entering, but the winners will get a Kindle Fire HD, the book “The Self Health Revolution” by J. Michael Zenn and cases of Essentia Water.

Essentia Water Holiday Giveaway

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