JackRabbit Caps

I got a cap from JackRabbit Caps a while ago… and it’s quickly become my go-to head-gear for most of my runs.


Is it because it’s branded with my name on it?


No, but that’s a super-fun perk!

The hat is great because of the lightweight material, the elastic fit that fits my small head, the opening on the back that is easy to pull a ponytail through, the shorter brim that doesn’t obstruct my views yet still shields my face, the way it washes up beautifully after a quick cycle in the wash… there are so many things about this hat that makes it great.


The only negative is that it sometimes seems to slide up my head, which looks kind of goofy.

Color Me Rad
See, my hat has kind of creeped up. But it did wash up perfectly clean after this race!

But that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it nearly ALL… THE… TIME.

I wore it to run the Resolution Run and one of my former Team Challenge runners was running by me and he commented how cool I was because I had my own “logo wear”. Well, while it’s not exactly my logo, I love that it has my name on it. You can order a hat for $29.99 or have it personalized at a $35.99 price. It does seem a wee bit overpriced for a cap, but it’s also a phenomenal hat. I’m torn on that price point, because I really do love it! (As much love as you can have for head-gear!)

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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