Year in Preview

2013 ResolutionsNew Year Resolutions… I usually make some of these, but I also am in the habit of making “resolutions” year-round. I think almost any time can be a time for a fresh start or to set new goals. And my resolutions usually evolve and change throughout the year. Sometimes I make a “resolution” and come to realize that it’s just not that important. It was made in a moment of temporary ambition/insanity, so I forget about it. But I have a few goals for this year that I really want to remember and accomplish.

Improve the Wardrobe

My friend Charlene posted this resolution online and I immediately latched on. “Buy a new outfit each month, nothing made out of wicking material.” Since I telecommute and have been doing so since 2005, my wardrobe has been getting progressively sloppier. Most days I am in a t-shirt, jeans that are too big or twill pants where the bottoms are all frayed because I cut them off so they weren’t too long and a fleece jacket or zip-up hoodie.

My challenge with this will be finding things that are nursing friendly and won’t be too messed up if the baby spits up on me. (Side note: I was commenting to a friend that I can’t wait until I don’t have spit up on me all the time. Her reply was that one day her baby just stopped spitting up, but now that’s replaced with getting snot and/or food on her clothes. So I guess as a mother you constantly have some kind of gross on you at some point. Oh well.) I like the idea of finding some tops that are a little more feminine, but still comfortable. I don’t want to go too frilly, but I should embrace my femininity a little bit!

Decorate the Walls

I want to hang stuff on the walls in my home. I’ve lived in this house for a year, it’s about time to hang some things. We have some family photos that are in frames, sitting on the floor. We have some beautiful landscape photographs, sitting in the closet. I have a beautiful medal case, sitting in a corner. It’s kind of pathetic.

I’m not way into home decor, but I would like my house to feel a little more home-y. I think some artwork on the walls could help!

Laugh More, Stress Less

This is the biggie. I wrote this on my bib for the Committment Day 5K. I need the joy back in my life and I need to not feel so overwhelmed. It’s not healthy to get so wired and tense. This is also the one that I am the most nervous about, because I am not sure how to actually accomplish it. My nature doesn’t automatically look to laughing at stress, I carry it with me like an anchor all the time. In therapy we came up with the analogy that I wear a backpack all the time and I pick up all the burdens of my life and all my loved ones and put them in my backpack. And then I never take that backpack off, so it’s not wonder that I feel run down and beat all the time.  So if you have any stress reduction techniques to share, please pass them along!

I will try to actually post updates on this throughout the year, not because I assume your foaming at the mouth to see what goes on the wall or what clothes I buy. I’m going to do that for personal accountability, to try keeping these things on the forefront of my mind.

Did you set resolutions? Share in the comments or give me a link to your blog posts if you’ve blogged about it!


  1. I LOVE THIS. I need to make all of these resolutions as well. And I am definitely guilty of shopping for work outfits only to end up with more running clothes.

  2. All things that are achievable! Great list – especially:
    “Buy a new outfit each month, nothing made out of wicking material.”   LOL – this is SO true! I have been in a slump like this many times – or just oversized T-shirts.  I refuse to buy a T now unless it’s cute and fitted :0)
    I have lived in my home for 5 years… I just added a wall collage and Allyson’s grad picture.  That is the only picture of a real person I have up. For the most part, the walls are bare or boring…

    • maryflong We lived in our previous house for 6 years and hung just 3 or 4 items. The house before that, 4 years and NADA. I want to do better in this house. 🙂

  3. Mine is actually to dress better too.  I tend to wear clothes that are baggy because they are comfortable but they don’t really look very good.

  4. […] stressed and overwhelmed by life, happiness has eluded me. That’s the reason why I made the “Laugh More, Stress Less” resolution. I remind myself of this every day. And I know that we can’t wait for happiness to be given […]

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