Doggie Running

Ever since the baby was born, Jade The Boxer has been kind of quirky about going out for runs. She tries to hide when I get out her leash (or if I’m even in running clothes) and she pulls a lot more. But she always seems to have fun when we’re done. And then she takes a nap!

Jade The Boxer naps

I recently bought this Sporn No Pull Mesh Harness upon a recommendation from a friend with a boxer and that seems to help a lot. I like to get out with Jade, it gives us some quality time together that isn’t as abundant since Alex came into the picture. She’s just being a little quirky about it. I haven’t attempted a run with the dog and stroller at the same time, but have successfully walked that way!

Purina is currently running a contest – Running Strong Sweepstakes. If you enter, you are eligible for dog goods, sunglasses, water bottle, cold weather apparel, etc. You can enter on their site, but they’ve offered to give a special water bottle to a dog parent here on my site. The bottle looks pretty cool for dog travel, it has a bowl attached to it.

Dog Water Bottle

Enter via the rafflecopter widget. Commenting here by just telling me about your canine friend gets you 10 entries. Then you can earn more entries if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. […] the dog and the stroller. Getting out the door with both is still kind of crazy. I have to put the harness on the dog, put the waist leash on, hook the leash around my waist, load the baby into the car seat, make sure […]

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