Ultimate Obstacle Race Training

Recently I wrote a post on The RUNiverse about how “normal” racing seems to be passe lately and all events need to have some kind of theme. And no theme seems more prevalent lately than obstacles. They’re EVERYWHERE! So of course, there needs to be a book about these events, right?

Ultimate Obstacle Race Training

The book Ultimate Obstacle Race Training by Brett Stewart seeks to educate readers on what these events are, how they came about and how to prepare for them. And it’s done with a hefty dose of humor and tongue-in-cheek. Evidence: the table of contents.

Ultimate Obstacle Race Training - Table of Contents

Ultimate Obstacle Race Training - Table of Contents

(There are also funny footnotes and references to Patches O’Houlihan.)

The book is broken down into three main sections:

  1. Overview: This aims to convince you why you should try an obstacle event and seeks to alleviate any fears you may have.
  2. Events: It breaks down some of the most popular events on the circuit right now. From the standards that most people have heard of, to women-only events, to kids courses to EXTREME races.
  3. Training: This takes some of the common obstacles and gives practical exercises that can be incorporated to prepare. (Not everyone has a giant tire in their yard to practice flipping.)

There are photos to illustrate exercises and detailed instructions. There’s also an appendix (I guess I should have said the book is four main sections, huh?) that is full of preparation exercises, warm-ups and stretches.

This book has the potential to:

  • Help you to crush your next obstacle race
  • Fire you up to attack one of these courses
  • Encourage you to give it a try
  • Convince you that your bias against the events was right

No matter what, the book was well done and it’s an entertaining read.


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