Week in Re/Preview

I had a cold… it dragged me down all week. Thus I decided I wasn’t running. The cold hadn’t fully settled into my lungs, but it was making me cough somewhat (which is terrible when the baby is eating and you have to cough. She pulls back and looks at you like, “What was that about?”) and I didn’t want to let it settle into my lungs. If a sickness gets to my lungs, I usually end up with bronchitis and then several times it’s turned into pneumonia. I didn’t need that! So instead of running, I did several walks. I felt a little guilty for taking it easy, but at the same time I was slightly pleased with myself for not insisting that I push through and making myself sicker.

dailymile training - 12/17 to 12/23
dailymile training – 12/17 to 12/23

Every time I am sick and blowing my nose with increased frequency, I think about some etiquette lesson we got in elementary school. We were told that it is not polite to look in our tissue after blowing because there is no way we are blowing out diamonds and pearls. Don’t know why that stuck with me for so long. However, as an adult, I’m not sure that I fully agree. You kind of do need to observe your bodily functions, even the gross ones, to monitor your health!

I think I’ve finally mastered the art of walking with the dog and the stroller. Getting out the door with both is still kind of crazy. I have to put the harness on the dog, put the waist leash on, hook the leash around my waist, load the baby into the car seat, make sure she has a blanket secured around her, carry her seat out to the garage while the dog is hooked to me, put the baby’s seat onto the BOB, back out of the garage between the two vehicles with the stroller and the dog hooked to me, use the keypad to close the garage door. It’s kind of a goofy song/dance, but once we actually get through all that it goes pretty well!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. I still haven’t figured out how to walk the dog and push the stroller. My dog has ADHD and is crazy. When I want to walk him with my daughter I have to put her in the hiking pack. Where does one get a waist leash. I may want to try it. I love your trials of getting out the door. I have a tiny crowded mudroom where we keep our Bob and its an act to get it out the door. Hehe You mentioned securing a blanket. Do you have a bundle me for the carseat? I loves that thing. It zipped around. Now I have LL Bean bunting on my stroller for my daughter. It’s like a sleeping bag with strap holes.

  2. No, I don’t have a bundle me! Thanks for the tip on that and the LL Bean bunting, I’m going to look those up. You’re full of great tips!
    This is the waist leash I am using:
    I’ve really liked it!

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