Live Like It Counts

Sometimes I feel like social networks are so full of negativity. I know it’s really easy to just pop onto Facebook or Twitter and vent about something, but truthfully I get a little bummed out when I see so many messages that are complaints. I like it when people share more positive things. (And don’t even get me started on vaguebooking…)

LifeKraze logoWhen I learned about the LifeKraze app, I was drawn to the idea that you are encouraged to share an accomplishment. Whether that is accomplishing a tough run or just the fact that you brushed your teeth that day, it’s all about encouraging people to recognize their own accomplishments and then you get points and high fives from others in the community. It’s kind of fun to read others accomplishments and to reward them for those! I like that part more than posting my own accomplishments.

You can cash in your points for discounts or products from various companies that work with LifeKraze or you can use them to reward some charities. I haven’t done any point redemption yet, but I like the idea of supporting a charity in some way as opposed to just collecting more stuff!

You can login to the LifeKraze website as well to post accomplishment updates, reward others and just browse around.

Here’s my LifeKraze profile.

Is it going to replace Facebook? No… probably not! But I do like the positivity in that online community so far!

Run3rdLifeKraze has teamed up with Sean Astin (of the Goonies and Lord of the Rings fame) for his #Run3rd initiative. The meaning of this is that since running is a somewhat solo/selfish activity, you run 1st for yourself. Then 2nd you run for your family or the people in your life that mean the most to you and support you. Then for #Run3rd you choose someone else to dedicate your run to. This can be an ongoing dedication or you can change it up for each run. It’s kind of like setting an intention in a yoga practice, but doing it for your run!

LifeKraze is having “Running Days” until the end of the year. As weather gets colder, holidays roll around and everyone gets busier… sometimes motivation can wane. During this time the community is encouraging members to get their run in and cheer each other on. Mark Covert, the American record holder for longest running streak (over 44 years!) is joining in the community to motivate people to get their Running Days done.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty cool little site and app. It just makes you feel good!

In the LifeKraze headband & sunglasses


  1. Just a clarification on Sean’s run3rd initiative. The 3rd thing you run for are the dedications others give you, for their loved ones, causes, etc. You ask people to give you dedications to run for. Many write or print these out on a piece of paper and carry them with them as they run. For more info, see

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