Month in Re/Preview

October 2012 dailymile totalsI’ve never done a month in review post, but I figured I might as well start one. Really, it’s just a vehicle for content further down the post… 🙂 So here are my October Stats:

  • Ran 55 miles
  • FitDesk ‘d 90 miles
  • Recorded 6 walking miles (weak!)
  • Started Core Challenge

It was a pretty good month for my first month being cleared to exercise after having the baby!

In November I need to:

  • Keep running! Increase my distance.
  • Keep using the FitDesk
  • Continue Core Challenge
  • Implement more strength training
  • Use the Born2Run Level 1 strength program regularly
  • Run a race?

And now, for the best part of October… our Halloween pumpkin extravaganza and a cute baby in her first Halloween outfit. We love carving pumpkins, this year we did 6 total, 3 each. We also hung lights in the yard and played a Halloween playlist from Rhapsody from my office windows so trick-or-treaters got spooky music when they came.

2012 Halloween

2012 Halloween

2012 Halloween

2012 Halloween

2012 Halloween

Getting the baby to smile for a picture! #HappyHalloween

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