I’ve been mentioning my FitDesk on here a lot lately… basically, it’s an exercise bike with a desk/work surface attached to it. So I can set my laptop on it and get some work done. Or I could place my keyboard and mouse on it and use it with my desktop computer with the monitors raised up. But that might not be the most ergonomic setup for the neck.


I’m sure you’ve seen all the reports about how sitting is killing us. Apparently the research shows that even with our regular exercise, all the sitting and general sedentary living is causing all kinds of health problems in our society. Here are some of the items that I’ve shared on my Facebook page over the past few months:

Alarming, no? Alarmist, yes? Do we needs to dwell on this… I don’t know. A good majority of jobs in this world require that people sit all day (mine included), we sit in our cars and then we sit some more at home watching TV. We’re in a sitty place… a sithole. (Ha… terrible puns!)

While I am still sitting while using the FitDesk, I am moving at the same time and asking my body to work a little harder than it would be just sitting.

The FitDesk can be purchased on Amazon and sells for about $199-$250. It has adjustable resistance and comes with a meter that tracks your distance, speed, cadence, etc. Although, I have trouble keeping the meter attached to the spot where it’s supposed to be. It’s a velcro attachment and it’s fallen off that several times for me. (This information is about the 1st generation of the FitDesk.) It’s only 33 pounds total, so it’s pretty lightweight making it easier to move around the house as needed. I need to convince my husband to play video games while using it, it’s super easy to use! It’s very quiet, it’s not going to interfere with whatever you’re doing with noisy chains or motors.

You’re probably not going to be doing any super vigorous riding or training for a cycling event on this, but it’s definitely an easy way to incorporate some movement into your life while doing some of the things that may usually keep you pretty sedentary.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. Thanks for this post.  I need to look at your other links.  If I could find something without the laptop extension…my cubicle at work is too low but I could consider modifying my home studio with a higher desktop platform so I could put an excercycle underneath.  I used desktops for my design work otherwise this laptop sitch might be cool.

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