Week in Re/Preview

This past week I stepped it up to 4/1 run/walk intervals… and they felt kind of tough! Not unmanageable, just a good level of heart-pumping!

Dailymile training for the week of 10/25 to 11/4

Weekly runs

Notice my crazy glasses in some of those? The green ones are from LifeKraze and the orange ones are from ING Runner’s Nation. I thought both of them would be completely silly, but I found the orange ones worked really well at dusk and the green ones are super lightweight and comfortable. Plus they both just make me smile!

I’m going to do another week of 4/1 intervals. Just to keep from overdoing it, my left knee still feels a little twingy, especially when running uphill. I want to keep an eye on that. I also want to and need to do some yoga. It’s just a challenge of finding time, right now all of my working out is done with the baby or on the FitDesk while working.

I want to cover at least one mile on foot each day in November, whether running or walking. I need to get out with #JadeTheBoxer more. She’s been a little walk-neglected since Alex was born and her leash skills are deteriorating. If I take her for a walk each day on my lunch break, that should help and it gives her solo time with me where she’s not competing with the baby.

A challenge since this weekend’s time change is how early it is when it gets dark. The sun now sets at 4:30 pm and it will just keep getting earlier. Since my plan was to run after work with Alex, we can’t avoid the dark now! And our temps are going to make a big change this week too!

Weekly weather starting 11/5/2012

I also registered for some races this week!

I’m excited to have some races on the agenda. I still need to register for The Zion Half Marathon too. Now my challenge is figuring out getting out of the house for the races on the actual race day. My husband is going to have to wake up on those days and feed the baby from a bottle, I’m sure. I put in a lot more parenting time than he does, he deserves some time too. I think that’s part of being a mom, especially a breastfeeding mom!

* Register for a Commitment Day race near you, enter the code CORP0598 and get $5 off your registration!

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