Week in Re/Preview

I think this concludes the 4th full week I’ve been back to exercising postpartum. I’m happy with how it’s going, even if there are moments I wish I was back where I was (or even faster/stronger/taller*) before I had a baby. But then I look down (literally… She’s on my lap right now as I write this on my iPad) and think, “Who cares? She’s awesome!”

Alexis asleep - 11 Weeks Old

But the addition of my FitDesk seriously helps. I like that I can focus on writing work training documents while on it, plus I think it’s helped me spin away some potential soreness as I build back miles.

Dailymile training through 11/11/12

  • Monday: Walk 1 mile, FitDesk 7 miles, Run 3.7 miles, Core Challenge
  • Tuesday: Walk 1 mile, Run 3.7 miles
  • Wednesday: Walk 1 mile, FitDesk 10 miles, Core Challenge
  • Thursday: Walk 1 mile, Run 4 miles
  • Friday: Walk 1 mile, FitDesk 22.5 miles
  • Saturday: Run 5.5 miles, Planks with the baby
  • Sunday: Walk 1 mile
  • Weekly mileage totals: Walk – 6 miles, FitDesk – 39.5 miles, Run – 16.9 miles

On Thursday I got to run with a friend, Charlene, which was really nice. I haven’t run with a friend in a really long time. I didn’t get the chance to run with people very much during pregnancy. Right now it’s really hard to figure out going somewhere to run with friends, so I was really grateful to Charlene for coming to my house to run with Alex and me. Someday I’ll be able to have a schedule that doesn’t revolve around 2.5 to 3 hour blocks of time until the next feeding.

On Sunday I ran in my Mizuno Meridian running skirt, the skirt that converted me to liking running skirts. However, when I got it I ordered a size up from what I usually wear so I could wear it throughout pregnancy. Well… I’m not pregnant anymore and I’ve reached the point where cinching in the drawstring just isn’t enough, it still feels like it’s falling off!

I also got to try out a new Mizuno Breath Themo Stretch Crew shirt. It’s a little snugger than I would usually choose to wear. In the future I would probably wear it on even cooler days as a base layer. I also didn’t care for the seaming on the arms, it always felt like it was twisting around in the wrong way. But the shirt was really effective at helping me stay a good temperature when I ran Saturday afternoon. Our high was 54 that day, with a biting wind… it felt pretty brisk. But I did stay pretty comfortable with the shirt so that aspect of the technology seemed to work well.

Weekly runs to 11/11/12

I find it kind of humorous that my photos from Monday and Tuesday running I’m in sleeveless tops and by the weekend we had frost warnings!

My plans for this week include more of the same… run, FitDesk, walking the dog. I need to do better with my core work than I did last week. I was rather scattered in my core work, I did the exercises in the Core Challenge program but kind of all out of order and most of them were done while trying to entertain the baby. Sometimes it took a while to do all the moves as I would do one or two of them and then have to take care of household tasks, baby needs, dog needs, etc.

* I don’t really think I’ll be taller… I’ve just always wanted to be taller than I am! 🙂

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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