Holiday Gift Ideas: Tried & True

Lots of holiday gift idea lists pop up around the world at this time of year… but I decided I was going to join in that sea nonetheless. Here are some gift suggestions based on things I have actually used/tested and loved!

Long May You Run

This is a great book… it’s different from most running books, in that it’s almost like a coffee table book. You can easily flip it open before a run for quick inspiration or you can sit down to read several sections.
[My Review]

One Good Earbud

I still maintain that if you’re going to run with headphones, using only one earbud is the safest way to do that. And this little device provides great sound filtered into one earbud, so your other ear is free to be aware of the world around you.
[My Review]

Go Girl Doll
Got a little girl on your list? Why not look at the Go Girl lineup of dolls… they’re not oversexualized like so many toys are now days (honestly, how can you even make ponies sexy? ugh!) and they encourage an active lifestyle.
[More review from me coming soon!]

Date to Go, Girl! Necklace
Dare to Go, Girl! Necklace
I like this necklace and I liked the message behind it… jewelry that has a special message with it is more interesting to me than picking out something just because it’s trendy. Of course, you’re always welcome to pick things using both methods! 🙂
[My Review]

Endorphin Warrior bracelet
Endorphin Warrior bracelet (or other items)
More inspirational message jewelry!
[My Review]

Balancing Act Clothing shirt
Balancing Act Clothing
Are you sensing a pattern here? I like things with meaning? These shirts are beautifully designed by my friend Alissa.
[My Review]

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