Endorphin Warrior bracelet

This is my bracelet from Endorphin Warrior – a Warrior Training Bracelet.

I love it, just looking at it on my wrist gives me a boost. Who needs bracelets with magical voodoo powers that balance you or whatnot? Really all I need is a positive message.  I chose it because of the whole message of “Relentless Forward Progress” that I love and repeat to myself when things get tough.

Sadly, this got tucked away in my jewelry box while I was moving. I probably could have used the cheery message when the move got rough. Of course, I probably would have splattered paint all over it and ended up with a bracelet that said ‘ENT’ or something like that.  However, you can wear the bracelet in extreme situations.  Sweating on the leather band just gives it more character over time!

I would love to get one of the Endorphin Warrior rings as well… I’m thinking the “Fearless” one. Fear stops me from doing a lot of things.  I typically wear a plain silver ring on my left middle finger. Maybe the Fearless ring could be a replacement for that, since it’s looking pretty beat up! (Hint hint hubby…)

Legalese: The Endorphin Warrior bracelet was sent to me for free to review, the thoughts here are my own.

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  1. I love that! I would have trouble coming up with a word though. I like to think of myself as strong, but I think I would go with courage. Or hope. Or fearless. Or oh, hell, I don’t know!!!

  2. I love your bracelet. I have a torn complex over looking professional and Grownup at work vs my true hippy-laid back-earthy style. I’d still wear this to work though!

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