Long May You Run (Book Review)

Long May You Run by Chris Cooper Long May You Run: all. things. running.
by Chris Cooper
ISBN: 978-1439193877

Author Chris Cooper contacted me and asked if I would like to look at a copy of his new book Long May You Run.

Yes… yes I would.  I am a bookworm, a nerd if you will.  If I could write full book reports all the time, I might consider doing that!

Anyway, I was really surprised when I received this book in the mail at how pretty it was when I removed it from the packaging. It’s a hardback book with beautifully styled cover.

And the contents are just plain fun.  It’s not a book that you have to sit down and read in one pass (but you could).  Instead it could be used to help inspire you, one page at a time.  Or you could dive into a section that seems like it contains information that might help you with something you are struggling with or interested in.

Long May You Run, inside pagesSome of the items are motivational, some are instructional and some are pure fun. For instance, a list of “Signs You Might Be A Runner”.  (And I totally identified with the item about being jealous of runners on the road when you are in a car!)

The pages are designed in fun and unique ways, specific to the content on each page.

Interspersed throughout the book are blurbs on some “Running Hall of Fame” people throughout history.  Katherine Switzer, Jim Ryun, Steve Prefontaine, etc.

I was impressed with this book just because it felt very different from so many other running books out there.  It could be enjoyed by a newbie or a seasoned runner.  It would be fun to keep it next to my running gear and just flip it open to read a page before setting out, just as an energy boost.

If you’re looking for a gift for a running pal or hoping to inspire someone to run, this would be a great choice!


  1. this looks like a great casual-read/coffee table book. umm, is it bad that my idea of coffee table books are running related? no architecture or travel here… just running.

    thanks for the suggestion!

    • Hey… that sounds like a GREAT idea for a coffee table book. Some people might find us weird, but at least we’d be comfortable flipping through the literature at each other’s houses!

    • I totally agree on the coffee table book thing! I would love to have that book just lying around my living room, always there when I wanted to spend a few minutes or an hour reading. It looks like a cool read!

  2. I’m totally interested now. I’m a big book geek, and love the idea of a running book that is a bit more of a casual read. Thanks so much for sharing!

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