All Cleared!

I am cleared to start running again!

The podiatrist told me that unless I start feeling some kind of sharp pain in my foot, he doesn’t ever want to see me again.

I told him the feeling was mutual.

I got a pedicure this weekend, no more ugly cast-feet!

July = 0 miles
August = 0 miles
That stress fracture laid me up for a while!

Of course, now that I’m cleared to run I’ve come down with a miserable cold… I hate summer colds. There is something about them that just feels monumentally unjust.

I took the day off work yesterday. Jade The Boxer did her duty to take care of me by making sure she was sitting on me in some way at all times during the day. If I was standing in the kitchen, she was sitting on my feet. If I was laying on the couch, she was sitting on my feet/abdomen/chest/head. It was kind of sweet… but when she started involving her tongue it got a little much!
Jade nurtures

I did meet a coaching client this morning and did a little bit of running back and forth, but I’m not counting it as my official first run back… that will come soon though!


  1. So I have been MIA for a while now, due to many many things. But I’m so glad that I come back to find that you can run again! YAY! The cold will go away soon! 🙂 YAY!

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