Jade The Boxer

Jade is my fur-baby, my boxer dog.  We adopted her when she was 3-months-old and she has been so good for my mental health.  She’s helped me to lighten up, calm down, laugh and play.  She is a companion to me while I work from home all alone all day.  She has taught me that I’m capable of cleaning up gross messes.  And she helped me realize that I am capable of caring for another living being.  I love running with her early in the morning in the wide open desert.  She’s a little bit of a runt, which makes her that much more adorable.

Jade came to us from a woman who bought her from a breeder.  The woman realized that she wasn’t home enough to put in the time and energy needed to train and raise this rambunctious little girl.  So she started to try finding a home for the pup.  A friend heard this woman talking about it at the salon, gave me her contact number, we went to meet the puppy and she was at home living with us 30 minutes after we met her.  I thank this woman and my friend each day for allowing Jade to come into my life!

[slickr-flickr tag=”JadeTheBoxer”]

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