Team Challenge – 2011 LVRnR #1

Group Practice #1
3 miles on the schedule
Start time: 7:00 AM

Today’s practice started WAY WAY WAY too late for the conditions.  However, it is also hard to start the first practice any earlier than 7:00 AM, else you scare everyone away.

Las Vegas has been under an “Extreme Heat Warning” this whole week.  It has seriously been the hottest temperatures we’ve had all summer long these past several days.  And each day, when I looked at, the warning was extended yet another day.  There was no avoiding it, we would be training in the heat.

It was well into the 90’s when we started.  And since it was the very first practice, we can’t actually start right at 7:00.  We have to gather everyone together, get them used to signing in, present a short clinic on shoes and clothing (the local Fleet Feet Sports owner does this for us each season, he’s great!), talk to the team about warming up (kind of funny as everyone was sweating while we just stood there!) and then get going.

I’d really like to have some set run/walk groups doing specific intervals. But the problem is that I’m only one person and can’t lead every single one of these groups.  If I could get some of the team mentors to lead them, that would be ideal.  It would be really handy if I could get a few more Gymboss interval timers to pass out to mentors serving as pace group leaders, then maybe they would be more inclined to lead the intervals.  That’s one of the challenges of coaching such a large group… there are so many things that I know would help people progress but it’s impossible for me to accomplish them all myself.

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