Week in Re/Preview

Well, this isn’t much of a report due to the fact that I’m Jill Will Gimp right now.

The Review:

  • Monday: attempt to do X-Stretch in P90x with my hubby, downward dogs didn’t happen
  • Tuesday: NTC app strength training
  • Wednesday: Mat Pilates from YogaDownload
  • Thursday: Hooping & Weights
  • Friday: Hooping & Weights
  • Saturday: Hooping
  • Sunday: Hooping

Hoop CityThe good news is that I figured out that I can still hula hoop with my boot on.  I can’t attempt to keep learning tricks, but I can knock out a solid 30 minutes of waist hooping.  Plus it is a chance to NOT sit down… because honestly I get really tired of sitting all day.  This has sparked my desire to learn more about hooping.  I joined the HoopCity community so I can learn more and watch their free classes, possibly moving to paid classes later.  It was interesting when filling out my profile on the site, it asked me what other skills I had and some of the choices included Belly Dancing and Fire Eating.  Wow… what a different community from running ones! I love it!

I can also do plenty of things like dumbbell curls, triceps kickbacks, rows, etc.  So I have been using dumbbells regularly.  I’ve been trying to watch some tutorial videos each day for my last hour of work, so I can watch the videos while doing stuff with dumbbells.  Working out while working!

So what does the next week hold?  I have a backlog of reviews to complete, so I should probably wrap those up!  I’m not going to do a formal plan of workouts for the week just because I’m doing what I feel like with my boot situation.

I am also going to be flying to Napa on Friday for Team Challenge to do the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon.  I’m a little concerned about flying with this boot on.  I have no idea how the TSA will react of what they’ll make me do with it at security.  I have a little bit of a beef with security at airports because it has never EVER EVER made me feel more secure about flying.  It frequently makes me feel more insecure, as once you’re through you’ve unpacked your bags, taken off half your clothing and are usually stocking-footed.

The TSA will Gate Rape You

Have any of you flown with some kind of injury?

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  1. Jill – I am feeling your pain! I completed my 4th Ragnar and was set to continue my training for Napa to Sonoma. I thought I was suffering from a shin splint in my left shin. Nope – stress fracture. I will be taking my crutches on the plane to cheer on my girls while they run the race. Hope to see you there! Get better soon!

    • I’m glad to hear that you’re going to be there to cheer, despite your gimpy status! I’m sorry you have a stress fracture though, how long are you on the crutches?

      • 6 weeks. It’s amazing how it changes your routine. Also, how much I am cursing myself for not hitting the road when I didn’t have an injury.

  2. I saw a guy at the Honolulu airport with a boot. They made him remove it as if it were a shoe and hop through the machine. I was pretty mad at them. I hope you have better luck than that. Will you be in the boot again and not a cast? I had two dollars in one of my pockets that I forgot to empty out, so I got the gate rape treatment. I felt so safe (as in violated) after that!!!!

    • My cast is called a “soft cast,” just firm enough to restrict movement some. So I still have to wear the boot WITH the cast. It sucks!
      I read on the TSA site that they are not supposed to make people remove their boots in cases like this, but it appears that not all TSA agents receive (or pay attention) to the same guidelines! I’m sorry they violated you over a couple bucks. They should have been paying you! 🙂

  3. i traveled with a boot over thanksgiving…. i was able to walk through with it on, but was pulled aside after and patted down. in houston, they checked it for residue, but in a much smaller airport when i returned, they had me sit in a chair and take it off and they ran it through the xray. wasnt bad at all…..

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I did search the TSA site and it said they’re not supposed to make people remove boots, but I don’t think they all follow the same guidelines (for whatever random/arbitrary reasons… the standardized industry has many discrepancies!)

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