Team Challenge – 2011 Napa to Sonoma #16

Final Team Practice

Group Practice #16
6 miles on the schedule
Start time: 5:30 AM for walkers 1, 6:00 AM for walkers 2, 6:30 AM for runners

This morning we had three wave starts to training.  Mainly because a couple of the walkers decided they wanted to start at 5:30 to beat the heat.  It was a smart plan, I would probably encourage everyone on our team do that all the time if I didn’t think we’d get a ton of complaints.  We still have people who struggle to make it by 6:30 some days!

This was our final group training before the big race.  6 days from today we will be boarding a plane and heading to wine country.  8 days from today is the big race day!  The event we’ve been building up to for 16 weeks is finally upon us.  I’m super excited, as well as super devastated that I can’t cover the course with the team.  I feel like I’m letting them down in some ways.  All season I’ve promised them, I’ll be with you out there, I will make certain you cross that finish line.  And now, I get to be stationed at a certain point on the course to cheer them on.  Not quite the same!

I’m kind of wondering if I should even wear my Team Challenge jersey on the course if I’m just spectating.  It feels a little like an imposter!  I guess I’ll wait and see when we get the jerseys… that was supposed to happen today.  But trouble at the printer made it so our team’s jerseys aren’t going to be ready until Monday.

Final Team Practice

Still, we spent some time after the miles were done going over event weekend details.  My co-coach Jimmy and I gave them a mini-clinic on pre-race final details:
– Stick to the schedule
– Don’t try anything new
– Don’t do any new workouts because you can’t increase your fitness at this point but you could hurt yourself
– Make sure you pack your race gear in your carry-on, you never know what could happen!
– Put your race number on the FRONT of you.
– Timing chips go on the shoe.
– Keep up your fueling that you’ve practice all season.
– Make sure you eat post-race

The Team has smashed their fundraising goal for the season, topping our $100,000 goal with more money still coming in!

Final Team Practice

We have one gal on our team who had a bad Crohn’s flare up recently and was hospitalized.  She is supposed to be released today and finding out if the doctor will clear her to go to Napa.  One of our mentors had to deal with an accident where her son gashed open his face badly last night.  Another one of our mentors/runners has been having heart issues and can’t run the race now.  Why does it seem like there are always so many last-minute things?  Last season we had team members with a death in the family last second.  It’s so hard emotionally to deal with that kind of stuff anyway, but you throw in the imminent race and it compounds the difficulties.

But despite the late-game hardships, Team Vegas is ready to tackle 13.1 miles through wine country!  Napa to Sonoma, Team Vegas gonna own ya!


  1. Of course you MUST wear your jersey. You are their coach. I think anyone seeing you in a team jersey and a cast would get the idea without a lot of explanation. Go and have a great time cheering them all on, knowing you are one of the reasons they are there. Go Jill:)

  2. I agree with Stub 100%. You must do what your Mothers say! I’m so proud of the work you do. I would venture a guess that you have changed many lives through your coaching, and a broken foot doesn’t change any of that!!!

  3. I agree…you should wear the jersey. Even if you’re not running, being there and cheering on your team is super important too. You know how good it feels when you have someone cheering for you from the sidelines! You get to be that person!

    Can you ride a bike with your injury? If so, maybe you could rent a bike and cheer your team from a couple places along the way. Our coach with the SDTC does that during the Rock and Roll marathon. It’s crazy. He’s EVERYWHERE!

    Post a picture of your jersey when you get it. I’ll be looking for you…and yes, we will be wearing the neon-dayglo-lime green!

  4. Definitely wear your jersey!! We both know that the cheerleaders are JUST as motivating as the coach’s! It will be just as great, just different. 🙂

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