If I Were a Rich Girl

I love reviewing things on this site, really… I do. Sometimes I receive things from companies and I’m always super grateful for those opportunities.  And sometimes I buy things on my own, simply for the purpose of reviewing it and sharing it on here because it gives me some kind of weird satisfaction.  But I am not independently wealthy and my family doesn’t own a chain of hotels and nobody is giving me a paycheck in the millions for my line of work, so I can’t afford to buy everything in the world.

But if I did have unlimited funds… there are a few things that I would buy to test and share on here just out of sheer curiosity.

Vila Mat

Vila Mat - Image from VilaNow.com

From the source: Rewards you instantly with a warm soothing feeling, Increases blood circulation, which helps release muscle tension and brings energy, Relieves pain associated with back and neck stiffness, Gives you an opportunity to relax and recharge

My reason: Sweet… lying on a spiky mat is going to make me feel UH-MAY-ZING. All that pain and knotting and tension that I consistently carry in my shoulders and back would magically disappear with this. Plus, if I had to lay on this to relieve it, that might be good for me to take 15-20 minutes each day in quiet reflection all to myself!

The price point: $40

Nike+ SportWatch with GPS from Tom Tom

Nike SportWatch GPS
Nike+ SportWatch - Image from store.nike.com

From the source: Think Less, Run Better  (Buy yourself a Nike+ SportWatch GPS at Best Buy, go outside and run.) – Put on your Nike+ SportWatch GPS, go outside and run. The Nike+ Sensor is optional. Tap the screen to mark laps and activate the backlight during your run, and personalize the data that you want to see during your run. For direct connect, USB contacts are built into the watch strap—just plug the watch directly into a USB port on your computer to upload run data and recharge the battery.

My reason: It just looks really cool.  And I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Nike+ community back from when I used the Nike+ sensor to record all my running.  And the fact that you can plug this directly into a USB port sounds ideal, my Garmin takes about 3 or 4 sync attempts to successfully sync my run data to my computer via the cradle.

The price point: $199

Sheex Sheets

Sheex sheets - image from sheex.com

From the source: Sheex, the world’s first luxury performance bed sheets. Sheex were inspired by the finest professional-quality athletic fabrics, offering a superior level of comfort and performance to help you sleep better.

My reason: These sheets have wicking properties? And cooling properties? And they’re breathable? Awesome! Do you have any idea how hot it is here in the summer? Wicked hot! We had to pull our bamboo sheets out of the closet for the summer, even though they are torn in a few places because they didn’t hold up to the wash/drying, simply because the cotton sheets felt oppressive once the summer heat arrived. Maybe these would make both of us feel like we have super-mega-energizer-bunny levels.

The price point: $215 for a king set

Inversion Table

Inversion Table
Inversion Table - image from Gaiam.com

From the source: This table, constructed of heavy steel, helps strengthen your back, elongating your spine and increasing circulation.

My reason: Another thing that could possibly help relieve pain in my back? Cool!  Plus, it just looks like it might be fun! It does seem like it takes up a lot of space though…

The price point: $249

TRIA Hair Removal Laser

Tria Hair Removal Laser
TRIA Hair Removal Laser - image from triabeauty.com

From the source: The TRIA Hair Removal Laser is the only laser that delivers permanent results at home. Created by the same scientists who set the gold standard for in-office laser hair removal, our laser disables hair follicles to keep hair from growing back in as little as 6 months.

My reason: Shaving is a pain in the butt… well, not literally. But it’s just an annoyance. If I could take care of that with a permanent fix, AWESOME! I don’t see a reason why I would ever want to grow hair in my pits, that can permanently go away.

The price point: $395

How about you? Would you try any of these? Have you tried any of these? What health/wellness/fitness products out there would you try if price weren’t a factor?

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  1. Just FYI on the NIKE gps. While it does indeed look ‘cool’ just know that the distance on it is just ok and the pace on it sucks to high heaven. They need to work out some of the bugs with this first gen.

    We couldnt keep them in stock when they first hit the shelves but since then I cant tell you how many people have brought them back and/or personal friends of mine who have test ran the product only to give it bad marks.

    • See… this is why I love blogging! You get great little tips like that from people who have direct experience with the products!

  2. Sheets that offer superior performance……uh, no comment.
    Lying on a board and hanging upside down…..nope, doesn’t appeal:)

    • Your comment about the Sheex sheets made me LOL… probably more so because 1) I didn’t think of it that way and 2) you’re my mom-in-law! That’s hilarious!

  3. We actually have an inversion table, so if you’d ever like to visit my fair state, let me know and I’ll let you try it out for free. I hate the thing, but I hate being upside down with all the blood rushing to my head. Mike loves it though.

    I’d love to try the sheets! It’s not near as hot here as it is where you live, but I sweat all night long. Blech.
    And I’m with you on the hair thing…get rid of it… 😉

    • Sure, I’ll be write over to try out your inversion table. Might take me a few hours to get there! 😉

  4. Just a note…the website says that sheex are now available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They often have 20% off coupons for one item, which would bring the queen size set down from $199 to $159.20. 🙂

  5. Tria thing looks awesome – I would LOVE to permanently remove pit hair, leg hair, and excess eyebrow hair. When it gets down to $100 and they sell it at Target – I’m in!

    Performance sheets? Don’t need those since the invention of Central Air (lol!) and the Nike thing I don’t need b/c I swear by my RunKeeper app on my iphone 🙂

  6. I’d LOVE that Villa mat and the price is right but I highly doubt it works as sweetly as they say. If anyone has one and loves it, please let us know!

    • Yeah, the price isn’t too outrageous, but it is crazy expensive for something that doesn’t work, so I’m…. cautious about things like that.

  7. I’ve seen the home hair remover devices, and I’ve always wondered how there is a market for them. If they truly work, then a person should buy one, use it to remove all unwanted hair, and then giveaway/sell the device. Or a group of friends should pool their money to buy it for super low cost per person and then share it amongst themselves..and later sell it / pass it on. The hair remover seem like it would need to be flawed (or actually cause spontaneous hair GROWTH) in order to have a sustaining market. 🙂

    • That’s a very valid point… if I bought this and then permanently got rid of all my unwanted hair, I’d probably pass it along to someone else… then someone else. Maybe it should be a new blog… the traveling hair removal project! 😉

  8. I’m with you on all these things- they look cool, but cost too much to just *buy*. If they work, awesome. If they don’t, well, you just paid a lot of money for them. I’ve been especially curious about the Vila mat. I also have constant tension in my neck and back, and they’re supposed to help you sleep…that would be a miracle for me.

    • I get massages every month, but nothing helps the tension in my neck & back. Sometimes I wonder if I just stopped sitting at a desk all day if that would help! 🙂

  9. Have no doubts about the Vila mat, it does wonders for relieving stress and tension on the upper back and shoulders and it helps to alleviate those pesty “kinks” and knots. I use it more than once every day, it’s great to relax on after a workout, I even take it on trips so I will always have it handy. For those who are sedentary or for those who live an active lifestyle, due to work or sitting for hours at the computer, or even as a photographer with my arms often in a tiring position, the Vila mat offers AMAZING relief. When I lie on the Vila mat I wear a thin T-shirt and find the penetration of the little spikes actually feel therapeutic!
    I love the mat so much I have bought several to give to friends.
    It’s reasonably priced and lasts a lifetime. If you purchase one I have no doubts you will also be recommending it to everyone.

  10. I realize this is a over a year old but I just came upon it while investigating the Sheex…..as for the tria, my husband bought it for me for Christmas last year (I told him I just couldn’t bear to spend the money but would love it)….it’s fantastic.  Doesn’t work on face (or they recommend not using it there), and I finally gave up on the arm pits because it really stings but for the legs, amazing…..I used to get stubble as soon as I got goosebumps (which was as soon as I got out of the shower) and can now go days without shaving my legs.  I did have one issue after a few months but customer support was nice and replaced mine free and fast.

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