Evolution of Road Rash

My face is healing up, remarkably fast. [Read about the fall] I’ve been taking photos of the face wounds each day and it’s surprising to me how big the changes are from day to day. It did get a little worse before it got better. I still have scabs on my right wrist and right shoulder, my knees are super bruised… those seem to get a little uglier each day, and my lips still shed a layer of skin every single day. They got really swollen for a few days, I couldn’t eat anything unless it was soft and in a spoon, or came through a straw.

I put Neosporin + Plus Pain Relief Cream on the wrist wound, it immediately started to burn/sting/ooze. So I rinsed it off and I’ve been using prescription Biafine on my wounds. I’ve been applying A&D ointment to the crusty areas as the scabs start to get ready to fall off, as well as on my lips. I’ve been using Orajel on the wounds inside my mouth. And I’m rubbing some Bio-Oil on the newly exposed skin in hopes of preventing too much scarring. All of that seems to be a combination that works for me.

I’m doing really well now. There may be some permanent scarring, but hopefully, they’re just little life tattoos that remind me to take care of myself.

If you’d like to see the evolution of the scabs healing over 10 days, you may view the photo album.

02/2019 Update: The photos used to actually be in this post, but evidently 8.5 years after I posted the pics, Google has decided they are “shocking content”…. maybe someone complained about it. There’s a lot of worse crap posted on the internet that makes a lot of money, but my post has shocked or upset someone, where I thought it was kind of hopeful, showing how much improvement can happen in less than 2 weeks.

Oh, and since I had to update this post, I will say there is some permanent scarring just above my lip and just below my nose, but someone would really have to scrutinize my face to see it.


  1. Ooh, ouch! Aiy! I just read your other post — jeez! Glad your face is healing quickly and well. The scars will make you look tough 🙂

  2. Oh my god Jill I didn’t read ur earlier post yet so wow I had no idea of your accident! Your wounds are healing amazingly well! And I thought myknee was painful. I know nothing like what u must have been going through!

  3. Wow Jill…you have improved well!!!!! I have used Maderma for scaring in the past…and while mine did not disapear they did become lighter and less raised.

  4. Your “life tattoes” are looking so much better!! Amazing how the body heals!! when you can start using aloe gel-might help with the scarring!!

    I still cant believe this happened! Wow!! You are so lucky to have been with people!!

  5. You give me hope I’ll heal pretty well you are healing nicely! At the same time though you confirm what someone told me yesterday when I joked I’ll stick to running this year…”you know you can face plant running too!”. Thanks for stopping by and the healing prayers!

  6. YIKES JILL! Ouch! I’ve was just catching up on your posts and had totally missed this!! Dang that sucks, but glad to hear your spirits seem to be up and that you are healing. Glad you had some good friends to take care of you.

    Reminds me of a bike wreck I had a few years ago, though even that wasn’t quite as bad as yours looks. I was out somewhere the next day all bandaged up and feeling very self conscious and this little girl kept pointing at me and saying “Mommy look at all that girl’s owies!”.

    One lesson I learned was to take extra caution to stay out of the sun as much as possible. In your case where sun is pretty much unavoidable, be extra vigilant with the sunscreen. I got sunburned soon after the bike wreck and that made the scarring a lot worse. They got better again over time, but I still see them show up sometimes if I get too much sun.

  7. for how long did it heal? i mean, starting from day 1 to the last picture u have taken, how many days did it pass? i had a motorcycle accident 2 days ago, i have a second degree abrasion just below my eyes and all over my body, i wanna find out the healing time of this..

  8. How is the scarring now? I found this blog while trying to find out how to prevent scars. My 8 y/o daughter fell at school and looks very similar to your pictures a massive black eye. I’ve been doing what you described for 4 days now, but am worried about long term, as kids are cruel.

  9. Wow you made a great recovery! I just fell off of my bike 5 days ago and I stumbled upon this post trying to get an idea of the type of scarring I might be left with on my face. I have a question, though. Did you leave your road rash uncovered mostly? I had been keeping mine covered with bandages mostly because I had heard that might be better for preventing scarring than leaving it open to air out, but I wanted to know what you did because you have hardly any scarring???? A response would be much appreciated!

    • I didn’t cover them with bandages, but I did use ointment. I have a tiny bit of scarring just above my lip, but overall it turned out pretty good!

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