How to End a Run Badly

On Saturday I had a great run with my Team… I covered 14 miles at Red Rock Canyon and felt great. After the run, the team wrapped up, said good-byes and all headed their separate ways. There were just three of us left in the parking lot; our endurance manager, my co-coach/good friend Jimmy and me. We were talking to each other about how things were going with the team when I said, “I have to go.” I started to walk and then plummeted to the ground.

The problem is, I have no recollection of saying that I had to leave. Nor of walking. Nor of falling. I blacked out, solidly and painfully. Right onto my face in a gravel/dirt parking lot.

It wasn’t a pretty picture. I regained consciousness as Jimmy was trying to get some gel in my mouth, I desperately needed sugar. He wet a towel and held it on my bloodied face, helped me into his truck and drove me to his home where he and his wife took care of me. They called my husband, went to retrieve my car with my hubs, fed me, let me get cleaned up, lent me clean clothes, delivered my car to me the following day. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have such good friends in my life.

I went to the hospital later that day. I didn’t need stitches, but I did need a lot of painful scrubbing of my wounds. They checked my blood and found that I was slightly hypoglycemic. I can only imagine how low my blood sugar was earlier that day.

The pathetic thing is that I was foolish, thinking more about everything around me than trying to take care of myself. I ran 14 miles, in the heat, up and down steep hills WITHOUT fuel. Sure, I had breakfast before I went, but I didn’t consume anything during the run. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Surprisingly enough though, right now I’m doing pretty well emotionally. After my faceplant in Phoenix I was a mess, my mental state was in the toilet. But now, I’m just saying, “Oh well… lesson learned. I’ll take the week off from running, let my wounds heal and pick it up again.” I am in such a better place than I was a year and a half ago.

Yes, I hurt.
Yes, I look an awful mess.
Yes, I’m concerned that my appearance will scare my brother’s small children when I see them tomorrow.

My lip is swollen.
My face is cut up.
I’m bruised.
My legs and hands are covered in road rash.
My shoulder is oozing.

But I will survive.

And now that I’ve been loquacious enough to have pushed any chances of the photos showing up right when someone lands on this page (proceed with caution) here is what happens when you don’t take care of yourself:

Face Road Rash


  1. OMG! You poor thing! Wow, Jill…you DO need to take better care of yourself. I also recall reading somewhere (twitter or fb) that you were feeling dizzy earlier in the week.

    I am so sorry you got hurt and I hope you heal quickly!!

    • You’re right, I was feeling a little off all week. I posted on Twitter I was dizzy, plus every day I was really tired compared to normal. The run without fuel was probably just the final straw to other issues last week.

  2. Oh Jill! I wish I could give you a big hug! Yes you made a mistake…a rookie one even, but we all do make mistakes. So take a few minutes and forgive yourself. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    Forgiven yet??

    You are such a great person Jill. I know this because I know people- I just have a good read on people. I see through those who put on airs and those who have motives. You are real. This is why I cannot wait to meet you. 🙂 Your group is lucky to have you…and you lucky for them!

    Ps- I am hypoglycemic- I passed out in the middle of the hallway senior year of high school (in my catholic uniform- you know, a skirt). First I plowed into the wall sideways and then smacked myself into the floor. In the hallway. During class switch. Cool.

  3. Oh no, Jill! I’m sending fast healing thoughts your way.
    You’re right with the ‘take the air mask for yourself’ thinking – your students can only get through the run well if you do too!

    Fell better soon!

  4. OMG, ouch! Thank goodness you were with friends.
    I think you learned your lesson and helped a few of us learn ours as well.

    I always run with water but feel like I haven’t been hydrating enough throughout the day. Must get on that!
    And will never be without Gu or Sharkies during my long runs!

  5. omgosh!! i am glad you are “ok” (nothing serious)… that is really scary. its a good reminder to ALL of us that we need to make sure to fuel. it gets so easy to take it for granted, but especially right now in the warm weather we need to fuel. hope you heal up quickly!

  6. OMG Jill!

    I’m glad you’re OK. (well…mostly OK). Do take care of yourself.

    I’m going to be in Vegas this weekend. I’ll send you a message through Words with Friends.

  7. GOOD LORD JILL!!! glad you are ok!! yikes. good thing you still had some friends around to help you and you weren’t the last to leave.

    you are becoming our little faceplanter, aren’t you 🙂

  8. Oh my god, I had not read this post yet – it came into my email and then I’d neglected to read through it. Wow, Jill, that looks so painful. I am so glad to see in your more recent post how well your face is healing, though. And your friend Jimmy does sound like a real sweetheart. You are very lucky he was around.

  9. OMG-how have I been such a CRAP friend and missed this???? Bad Penny Bad!!!

    I am so sorry!! I do understand the low blood sugar issue-I BONK if I dont fuel, but I’ve never blacked out!! Keep an eye on that!!!

  10. […] I’m a dork… I went to Fleet Feet to get a new pair of shoes, I told them I just wanted the same kind I had before, they asked if I wanted the same blue color I had before or if I wanted the pink ones, and I chose pink. They handed me the box, I took it home and hadn’t opened it yet because of the Great Fainting of 2010. […]

  11. Jill! I’m sorry I am just now catching up on your posts. I’m so sorry, that looks so very painful. I hope by now you are healing up. Please take care of yourself! Get those calories in girl! I’m worried about you my friend 🙂

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