Week in Re/Preview

This week I ran every day I got in miles!

DailyMile Training - 7/2 to 7/8 2012
DailyMile Training – 7/2 to 7/8 2012

On all of these days I did 1 minute running with 4 minutes of walking. Cardiovascularly I felt like I could do more, but in terms of actual physical body mechanics I felt like I probably shouldn’t push it more than that. There are definitely things that are differing with my gait and I don’t want to injure myself. Also, this week all of my joints have started to sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies cereal. (snap, crackle, pop!) It’s due to the relaxin hormone coursing through my body in prep for labor, but it also means that I could, theoretically, be more prone to injury. I want to be careful, no need to end up on crutches, in another boot or with road rash right before having a kid!

On Saturday I overslept, my alarm didn’t go off. Thus I did not make it out at 5 AM like I had anticipated, instead Jade The Boxer and I made it out the door at 6:15. My iPhone told me it was only 82, but I felt like it was a lot worse than that. The sun was a tiny bit stronger at this time, both Jade and I were feeling it… I actually developed a headache that lingered for the rest of the day (probably dehydration, but I can only handle drinking so much and peeing so much! I cannot wait for that aspect to be over!) Plus I forgot to wear my FITsplint (remembered when we were a half mile away from home) and I felt the lingering effects of that in my low back the rest of the weekend. I got a massage on Saturday and the therapist said my low back was actually slightly swollen, weird, huh?

This week I have no idea what I’m going to do. I really do not want to go outside for exercise. In my Facebook news feed I saw this little gem from the National Weather Service office here in Vegas:

Weather Warning from NWS - 7/7/2012

I know Jade absolutely cannot handle that heat (poor boxers have shorter noses making it harder for them to cool themselves) and I’m not sure that I can handle running or walking in that heat either right now. I will try to keep my mind open to getting on the treadmill, but I truly struggle with that contraption. Perhaps it will be a yoga-only week! Or maybe I’ll take naps, go to bed early and sleep in until 5:50 each day!

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