Building Back

Thursday’s 5K was a fun event. It was kind of nice to just go out for a run that felt fun and playful, carefree and easy. I played with little kids on the run and just felt relaxed. Distance running takes a lot more planning and coordination. You have to worry about carrying enough fuel and fluids, keeping track of times, planning out long routes, preventing chafing(!) etc.

Even though the 5K was fun, I’m not giving up distance running. My body actually seems to take about 3 miles to get warmed up and get into a groove. I’ve really found that longer distances seem to suit me.

However, I realized today that I am still not fully recovered from the marathon. Jim, Melinda and I had planned on doing a 12 mile run today. We met the TNT team that is training for the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona marathon and were planning on running with them. But after doing about 6 miles, we decided that instead of doubling back on the course we had mapped, we would just head back to the start point making it a 9 mile run instead. We all felt a little run down. The old body is still coming back! (Or maybe we have just gorged too much over the past few days!)

I’ve also realized that I am dramatically behind on my sleep. I know you can’t technically “catch up” on sleep, but I need to allow myself to rebuild with some good old fashioned rest. I was soooo irritable yesterday. I decided I needed to do some yoga, but when I went to change into my yoga clothes I glanced at the bed and decided to lie down instead. An hour later I woke up and my outlook on the world was much improved.

So my goals for the week are to get in some good runs but also to get as much sleep as possible. I need to feel rested and recovered as I’ve got the Las Vegas Half Marathon next weekend.

Keep an eye on my site over the next several weeks… ’tis the season of giving and I’ve got a few giveaways planned!


  1. Wow… 9 miles today? That’s amazing. My trainer wouldn’t let me run a 5K 5 days after the marathon. Of course I did anyway and then paid royally for it for the next week. I’m still building up my mileage.

    But I’m totally with you. 3 miles is a warm up. For my job we have to run a mile in a half in a certain time to evaluate our fitness level. I hate this because that’s not even a full warm up so by the time I’m finished I’m still not loose to even run properly. I’m toying with running it twice in one day, but I don’t think they’ll allow it. 🙂

  2. OH…and to go with the 3 mile warm up thing, I remember an ad for Nike or something once that had a picture of two women running that said, “My short runs used to be my long runs.”

    So true. I think about that when I tell people I’m going out for 6 and they think I’m insane. 🙂

  3. ~moe~: You’re right, I have built up a lot of mileage pretty quickly. I have a lot of plans for racing, hopefully my dreams don’t surpass my abilities! 🙂

    It’s true how the long run becomes the short distance. I remember saying to my mother-in-law one time, “I’m only doing 10 miles this weekend.” and she seemed to think I was crazy. I can’t figure out why!?

  4. Awww… I was in Vegas over the weekend and thought about “Chasing the Gobbler” but I saw the rain and chickened out. I ran that race a couple of years ago…what a nice group of people (running the event and running the race).

    BTW I’m the same way now…three miles feels like a warmup.

    I’m glad I found your blog. I think I followed a link from Lisa’s blog (Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge).

  5. Be kind to your body, Jill! Running a marathon takes a lot out of your body and I’ve been told by more than one coach that it takes 26 days to fully recover.

  6. I also need about 3 miles to warm up, but I have learned some hard lessons about pushing too hard and showing up injured at the starting line. I’m trying to do better, but that little voice in the back of my head that says “go a little further” is very persuasive.

    Have a great time running the Las Vegas Half Marathon Sunday. I ran the full in 2005 and the half in 2006. Last year we went for the Santa race, and to hang out with friends who were running the marathon. This year we are staying home.

  7. aka Alice: Nice to “meet” you, thanks for stopping by. Even though you didn’t do the Gobbler, it looked like you had a great Thanksgiving, judging on the pics on your site.

    Fit Mom: Yeah, I’ve heard that 26 days thing as well. Sometimes I wonder if I am asking too much of my body right now, but I’m treading lightly and have no huge PR aspirations!

    Database Diva: That “go a little further ” voice is my head is pretty persuasive as well. That’s awesome you’ve done the Vegas race in the past. This will be my first time. You’ll have to come back in ’09, it will be a Rock ‘n’ Roll then!

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