Giveaway: Emuprofen

Recently I reviewed Emuprofen, a topical ibuprofen cream I was introduced to at the expo for the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. It’s a great product and I’m really excited that this is my kick-off for (hopefully) many more giveaways on this site. Everybody likes a freebie, right?

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The deal: Emuprofen has offered to give a lucky winner some of their product and a technical t-shirt.

How to enter: Just leave a comment below and let me know where you hurt! 🙂 Or you can just say ‘Hi Jill!’. Either way, you name has to be in the comments before I close them on Friday, December 5, 2008 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

Selection process: A winner will be chosen using the Random Number Generator online. The winner will be contacted and announced on Saturday, December 6.

This giveaway has now closed.


  1. Hi Jill,
    Big Joe’s left shoulder has hurt for three months. Don’t know why except from digging in the yard.

  2. Hi, I have problems with knee and adductor/groin pain. Emuprofen sounds like a great product! Something to keep on running with! 🙂

  3. Um, hi! I hurt EVERYWHERE, which of course is a byproduct of The Getting Back In Shape. Either that, or I’m killing myself slowly, but loving it to be sure.

  4. Hi Jill! 😉

    Currently my back is hurting because my 6 year old just jumped on me. When I run, it’s usually my legs. I’m excited to hear about this product.

  5. This is awesome Jill! My quads are always sore, especially after tough runs like the one I had this weekend. Would love to try some of that Emuprofen!

  6. me me me me me. 🙂 Hi Jill…tomorrow my ass will hurt after I see Donna…I need the juice!

  7. Well, I’m a little sore in the legs but I’m really starting to get a sore throat from some random cold my son gave me…

    Will this work on things like that, too? What a neat sounding product!

  8. Hi Jill, I hurt in the following locations: Left knee, right knee, hip, left big toe, right foot, lower back, both shoulders, left butt cheek and my brain hurts a lot too. Can you put this on your brain? But really this stuff works, I put it on my feet after my run last night and it worked great!!!

  9. Hey, this sounds like a really great product. As I get older, I seem to ‘hurt’ more, this would be wonderful!

  10. I tried some at the Rock-N-Roll Marathon and loved it so much I had to order some.. I used it after 26.2 miles and WOW! I could even walk to the concert.

  11. Neck and shoulders hurt! I just heard about this stuff at my running class. But there was some concern over where the emu oil comes from.(As in is the Emu killed in order to get the oil?)

  12. Hey Babe~

    My back is still giving me the most problems -even more so since I have had children! A Miracle product would be great!

  13. I can’t think of anything that hurts (even after 17 hours of plane rides), but after I get back on the treadmill, I’m sure that I can work up a pain. So …. Hi Jill!

  14. Hi Jill,

    Lower back, only when I am standing for to long in the day. Love to try the product.


  15. I am definitely curious to try this stuff. My knees give me trouble off and on. I actually took a month off of running (gasp!) earlier this year and it helped a little. But like a typical runner, I’d rather run in pain than not run at all.

  16. Today I took mom to the Doc and she got a patch for this? I never heard of it!

    Anyways, lets see, what hurts? I take celebrex every day of my life, and also some ibuprofen too. And it still isn’t enough. I will just mention one area to be polite. My left heel has been getting bad again. But my midfoot area on both feet was a mess. So I got new hard orthotics. Although I was previously wearing softer ones that worked well for 7 years, but only wore out. The MD insisted on had ones…

    Those orthotics messed up my feet sooo bad! It felt like I was walking on 2 totally broken feet. When the doc did xrays, my entire feet were inflamed. So here I sit… Out of many hundredes of dollars in Md bills and orthotics, and my feet were made many times worse.

    I am telling you all this so you will think twice before you invest in hard orthotics.

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