Gobble Gobble

I ran the local “Catch the Gobbler” 5K race this morning. It rained most of the day yesterday and overnight. It was a little drizzly this morning, but cleared up for the race. Mainly the idea was to avoid the big puddles!

Me, after the Catch the Gobbler 5K with my entrants sweatshirt.
Me, after the 'Catch the Gobbler' 5K with my entrant's sweatshirt.

Don’t know exactly what my time was, don’t really care either. I was just glad to get out and run with friends.

And now I must finish up some final preparations for Thanksgiving dinner with my running friends and their families. I made sweet potatoes, cranberries, bread and pies (pumpkin and pecan). I’m a little concerned about how things turned out, I haven’t been flexing my cooking muscles lately!


  1. Aren’t the turkey trots fun?? I ran one this morning as well-no rain but with the rain yesterday it brought gorgeous running weather!!!

    Happy thanksgiving!!

  2. Ran one today too. It was chilly and a head wind the first mile, but then it was beautiful! I loved it and I think I talked my SIL into making it a tradition.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. My brother and I did a similar race, a 5 Miler, and it was the second year in a row. We want to do it every year from now on!

    I like the pic on the shirt! 🙂

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