Icky & Sticky

I saw an article online today about the nation’s sweatiest cities. Las Vegas ranked as number 2 on the list. That would certainly seem appropriate with my latest runs.

Tuesday’s run was in the evening hours outside and I once again ended up with a lovely salt crusting in my elbows and along my hair line. Today instead of waking up super early to run outside I ran on the treadmill after work and it was still a hot drippy run.

I used to absolutely loathe getting all sweaty. Now I kind of appreciate the effect, knowing that I am working hard and taking care of myself. But I still don’t like the white, crusty feeling I get when that sweat dries and I don’t like the wet clothes at the end. It’s a good thing that I wear all technical clothing while training, I can’t imagine how heavy cotton would feel!

In the most recent Runner’s World magazine they had an article about the right drinks for exercise. It mentions that if you end up with the white crusties, you have electrolyte-rich sweat. So I’m making sure to be careful with replacing electrolytes, even on short 30 minute runs during the week. The desert heat apparently really takes it out of me!

Hundred Push-up Challenge; Week 2, Day 2: 11, 9, 7, 7, 13 = 47
(These are actually Wednesday’s numbers.)

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