Feels So Good

Today’s run rocked for two main reasons:

1) I did it at 7:00 PM, which meant I got to sleep in a little. (Well, I still have to start working by 7:00 AM each day, so it’s not sleeping in really long, but it’s a lot better than waking up at 4:00 AM!)

2) I did it with other people. Company is always nice and motivating.

I met some of my teammates from Team in Training tonight and we did 3 miles in 30 minutes. Since it was with some mentors from TNT, they were pretty adamant about making us stick to the time specified on our training schedule. No overtraining allowed!

It was 103° when we started. You know you’ve acclimated to the desert when you are saying to the others in your group, “It’s kind of nice that it cooled down some today. It’s only 103 right now.” Truthfully, the heat didn’t really bother me much. However the air was kind of smoky due to fires in California, so my lung capacity was definitely impacted.

But today… totally made up for yesterday’s terrible effort. Awesome run and it left me feeling great!


  1. hey congrats on the great run — when i am back from vacation i need to link to your blog from mine — it’s too hard to do it by only typing with thumbs!

  2. Terri: I totally know what you mean. I can read and send e-mails with my Blackberry, but beyond that? My thumbs get tired. And I get tired of that little screen! I updated my blog from the Blackberry once, that was kind of a pain. Maybe when I get an iPhone it will be better.

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