So Inclined

Each week we get a few e-mails from our coaches, informing us of the week’s upcoming group run and other clinics/events that are available to us. In this week’s message they mentioned we needed to be sure we are consuming sport drink, we needed to be fueling ourselves (in the form of gels, sport beans, candy, pretzels, etc.) and that our course this week would have “a lot of hills”. And that was definitely correct.

The run was 7 miles…
In the snow…
While barefoot…

Oh, wait. I got carried away there. Really it was 3.5 miles uphill and then 3.5 miles downhill. We started at 6:00 AM and the temperature was about 88°.

As I rounded the first corner to see the first hill, I just geared up and put my mind to the task. I am stronger than the hills! The turnaround point came a lot quicker than I thought, pleasant surprise. I think the downhill was almost harder for me than the uphill because I had to work harder to not just let loose and fly down the hill (injuring joints in the process). Overall the run was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. I finished the just-over-7-mile course in about 1 hour and 14 minutes.

I drank a small cup of Cytomax halfway through and another at the end. That’s the sports drink that will be served at my race and I’m trying to get used to it. It would be nice to not have to worry about hauling my own sport drink through the race. But so far, while Cytomax doesn’t upset my stomach (like Accelerade did… whoa! That stuff was AWFUL for me.), the flavor is really leaving something to be desired. I don’t know what kind of drugs the developers were smokin’ when they decided to call it Tropical Fruit flavor, but it’s definitely not “tropical”. Calling it “fruit” is a little stretch too. But with every subsequent sip it becomes slightly more tolerable. Slightly.

Hundred Push-ups Challenge; Week 2, Day 3: 10, 10, 8, 8, 12
(Friday’s results)

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  1. Jill-

    If you don’t like the drink being served on the course you may want to check out a new hydration tool called ‘AquaJoe’. It’s a sports drink powder holder/dispenser for runners. It makes it very easy to bring along your choice of powder. There is a video of it on

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