Jaybird Vista 2 Launched

I love my Jaybird Vista earbuds, they are my go-to for running. And even though they’re still going strong, the release of the Jaybird Vista 2 makes me want to upgrade! I will refrain, for now… But here are the main reasons I want the new version:

Active Noise Cancellation for Focus

Noise Cancellation:
This would have been really handy these past several months as I’ve been getting my backyard landscaped and I had to listen to the sounds of construction as I worked all day. Some earbuds to help block all of that out would have been really appreciated.

Surroundsense for Safety

On the flipside of the before feature… when I’m outside running I want to hear my surroundings. I always run with only one earbud anyway, but the Vista 2 allows you to adjust the settings to let external noise pass through so you can hear the world around you. Safety first!

Earthproof Durability

Other features too:
I haven’t dropped my earbuds in sand, as this picture shows, but I did drop one on a trail once. I picked it up and blew the dust off. But the updated version is supposed to be even tougher.

There are more options to customize your experience with them. I will admit, I rarely use the Jaybird app with my Vista because it isn’t super intuitive to me, but the new version is supposed to be easier to customize too.

The Vista 2 is supposed to have a 24-hour battery life… with an asterisk. I have yet to run for 24 hours straight. Or even listen to ear buds for 24 hours straight. The asterisk: the reality of this claim is that it is 8 hours of battery life plus 16 in the case. 5 minutes of charging the buds in the cases will restore 1 hour of playback time. (Honestly, I think I would get tired of having an earbud in way before that battery gave up, even at 8 hours.)

The Vista 2 are retailing for $199, which also means the Vista first gen is now retailing for only $149. But they’re worth it… I have a couple of pairs of cheap wireless earbuds which I will be reviewing soon too. I reach for my Jaybirds over those all the time.

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