Jaybird Vista Planetary Green

Jaybird announced today the launch of its special edition Jaybird VISTA™ Totally Wireless Sport Headphones color – Planetary Green. VISTA is Jaybird’s first true wireless headphone that meets U.S. military MIL-STD 810G rugged compliant standards, passing repeated shock, vibration, drop and crush tests, as well as withstanding tropical humidity, hurricane-force water and desert sandstorm conditions.

These brand new headphones are available for order TODAY. But I’ve been lucky enough to have my hands on a pair for the past few days and I…. AM… LOVING… THEM! (Disclosure: I was given a pair for free to help spread the word.)

So first of all… Thank you to Jaybird for allowing me this opportunity! Also, I will probably be talking about these a lot on social media for a while, because I’m excited to have them and also I’m really grateful to have them.

Planetary Green Vista from Jaybird

Now, I haven’t crushed them or run in tropical humidity with them, so I can’t speak to that level of strength. But here are the things that I really like about them.

  • Long battery life, so you can go for a solid long run and they retain their charge.
  • The case acts as a charger for them too, so they’re getting a charge when not in use. Unless the case needs to be charged, then you’ll need to plug that in.
  • They work with both earbuds or just one at a time. This is a huge selling point for me because I have run with a single, corded earbud for years. And that has been a nuisance the past few years as I’ve needed a dongle to attach it to my phone’s lightning port. With these, I can just grab one of the earbuds from the case, pop it in and run. My other ear is completely open to the environment.
  • Customized listening profiles. Do you like more bass? No bass? With the Jaybird app you can make customized profiles for yourself based on listening preferences. Maybe you prefer a certain sound for your polka soundtrack (no judgement), but want different nuances for talkies (podcasts). That’s available to you through the app. Or you can download someone else’s profile, because you want to be like a pro-runner and listen like they do.
  • They’re comfy and fit in my ear well. They do come with three different sizes of tips so you can make sure your fit is customized, even using a different size in each ear.
  • Magnets that snap the buds into the charging case, so they don’t fall out and they also move right into place for charging as the magnet pulls them right into the spot needed.
Closed charging case for Planetary Green Vista by Jaybird

But nothing is perfect, and there is one thing that I’m not in love with… I wish there was a passthrough or hear-through profile you could create, so you can hear ambient noises a little easier. Even with using just one earbud, it does a pretty good job of blocking out outside noise. Which is a good or bad thing, depending on when/why you’re using them.

The VISTA earbuds have been available for a while, but this new Planetary Green color is a specialized version and is only available on the Jaybird website from February 18-March 1, 2020. So if you want this color, you’d better act fast! (And if you stumble upon this post after that timeframe, maybe you can find some on eBay…. or just buy them in a different color.)

Planetary Green is a special-edition color pattern inspired by the planet we love, the places we play, and the explorers who inspire us. Just as Jaybird brings cutting-edge technology into the wilderness, the topographic camo pattern of Planetary Green is a visual reminder of how digital and natural worlds intersect. With an EarthProof™ encapsulated and IPX7 water and sweat proof construction, incredible audio quality with 6mm milled drivers, a secure and comfortable sport fit, up to 16 hours of listening, personalized music experience through the Jaybird app and stashable charging case, VISTA can power any adventure or workout. 

Jaybird Vista Planetary Green in ear

It may be silly, but I’m very excited about these new headphones. I’ve been contemplating getting some wireless buds for running, since my old single-bud headphones are shorting out and there’s talk about the future of the iPhone not even having a port. But I didn’t want something that would just short out if I sweat on it. In the cooler winter months, it’s not that much of an issue… but once summer rolls around here in Vegas, the heat makes me sweat more and I don’t want to ruin expensive headphones with sweat. These are built to withstand that kind of abuse. (One of our natural human functions, sweating, is abuse!)

And I don’t mind having a single earbud in all the time. I can listen to a podcast while at home, and still be able to hear my kid talk to me, which she does a lot of. So I could designate left earbud for casual listening, right earbud for sweaty listening. (I overthink things like that!)

Jaybird Vista Planetary Green and Miir water bottle

Also, my Jaybird VISTA‘s came to me in a cool, customized MiiR water bottle. And inside there was a pencil that has basil seeds so you can plant it after using it and have something grow. It was a fun overall package to receive. I don’t think every pair comes in the sweet bottle though. 🙂


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