May 2021 StrideBox

May is nearly over and I’m just getting around to posting the contents of the May 2021 StrideBox. StrideBox is a monthly subscription box for runners. For $19.95 subscribers get a box of running fuel and accessories to try out. It’s always a fun surprise mix of stuff! (There are affiliate links in this post, so if you buy anything from Amazon after following them, I’ll get a few pennies in my coffers. Thanks in advance!)

Skratch Labs raspberries & lemons bar

Skratch Labs energy bar, raspberries & lemons: This bar is designed for fueling whenever you need it. So I guess it could be pre-run, mid-run or mid-afternoon slump. The ingredient list is all things you’d recognize by name. It does contain nuts, so if someone is allergic to those don’t grab it. But it is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, soy-free, dairy-free.

SaltStick FastChews in orange

SaltStick FastChews, orange: I love these things, they are not new to me. I always have some with me in the summer months when running here in Vegas. They taste great, have a tiny little burst of sugar in 2 of them, but they help replenish electrolytes. When you’re sweating them off and covered in salt (which is my norm in the summer) these are great. [Previous SaltStick post]

Nuun Endurance, lemon-lime
Nuun Endurance

Nuun Endurance, lemon-lime: This is a newer product from Nuun (nuun). Instead of the fizzing tablets with electrolytes and no fuel, this has added sugars to help fuel an endurance effort. I’m going to guess it doesn’t build up pressure in your water bottle like the effervescent tablets do, so that’s a bonus.

Gu Energy Gel, Cola Me Happy flavor
Gu, Cola Me Happy

Gu Energy Gel, Cola Me Happy: Cola flavored energy gel with caffeine. I just want to give huge props to the design on this package, it’s got a great design.

Dr Hoy's sample packets of arnica boost and pain relief gel.
Doctor Hoy’s Arnica Boost and Pain Relief Gel

Doctor Hoy’s Arnica Boost and Pain Relief Gel: These products are supposed to be non-staining and have a vanishing scent. The pain relief gel has camphor and menthol, both of which usually smell pretty strongly, so it will be good to try it out and see if it does vanish. Both contain arnica, which is one of my favorite “natural” topical remedies for bruising. I haven’t “measured” the effectiveness because I’m not a scientist, but it does seem to make bruises disappear more quickly.

Sunglasses with the words "Trust the Journey" on the arm
Trust the Journey shades

StrideBox Essentials, sunglasses: I have a few different pairs of sunglasses from StrideBox, each with a different phrase on the arm. I don’t actually wear them running, I use Goodr on the run. But I keep these pairs stashed by the doors so I can grab them when I take the dog out or if I go to the park with my kiddo.

Jill wearing sunglasses

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