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Salonpas is a pain relief patch… and we all know runners and fitness enthusiasts can have pain from time to time. (Well, everyone can, obviously!)

Hisamitsu America is celebrating Salonpas Day, which celebrates freedom from pain, by giving out thousands of free patches. You can claim yours while supplies last.

“Traditionally, Hisamitsu employees hand out free samples around the world each Salonpas Day, fulfilling our mission by sharing the benefits of safe, targeted pain relief with our communities. Although COVID-19 is once again disrupting our plans to deliver samples in-person, we are excited to get Salonpas Pain Relief Patches, the first FDA-approved OTC topical pain reliever, into the hands of pain sufferers nationwide.”

John Incledon, President, Hisamitsu America, the marketers of Salonpas®

I submit the form to get mine. I tried these years ago, I believe I got a sample at a marathon expo… that sounds right. But I figure it doesn’t hurt to have something like this on hand! It said it would arrive in 6-8 weeks.

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