Viter Energy Mints – Video #shorts

I got a sampler of Viter Energy caffeinated mints in my latest StrideBox. I’ve been sampling them, eating one at the start of my early morning runs to help wake me up. I really like them! (Amazon links are affiliate links… I imagine if you buy from them I’ll get 17 cents or so! Thanks!)


  1. Thanks Jill!

    I remember my first marathon or 2…there was not way I going to eat the caffeinated Gu. These days with 200+ miles commuting and 12-14 hour days I need whatever caffeine I can get to get to my workouts. My next marathon (registered and paid for in 2019) will be Teton Dam marathon. Rexburg, Idaho. First Saturday in June!


    Richard Bryans

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    • That’s exciting you have a race on the schedule! They’re still so far flung. I like that these mints aren’t a bunch of fluid you have to consume to get caffeine, they’re convenient! I was the same, so cautious with caffeine. Well… not anymore! LOL

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